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Resident · 2017
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Office Staff
Many people told me not to live here yet I did. The pictures of the "new" apartments and "facilities" are actually misleading. There has not been one day I have lived here that I have yet to see a bug. I have seen small cockroach looking bugs in the apartment as well as the gym and elevators. "Pest Control" has come 3 times now, yet nothing has improved for a long period of time. The apartment complex "shut off" the AC at the end of September becasue they said it would be getting cold. Since then we have had numerous nights/days of 75-80+ degree weather-- and when you live in a small apartment, it gets hot. They don't allow window AC's either, and suggest "getting a fan." The hallways constantly smell like rotten food and mold, I actually considered putting a glade plug in because I was so embarrassed when guests came over. We moved in here in August and were told we would have access to the balcony exactly a month after move in-- it is now October 22nd and we have not been able to use our balcony. The construction starts at around 8am and continues throughout the day-- it is so loud that the entire apartment vibrates.I have lived in many ------ apartments before-- but for $2,475 a month-- this should not be happening. The office staff often seems angry when I ask them for something, and I am usually used to leasing consultants going out of their way for you to be comfortable and happy. Here sometimes they act like you are trying to get away with something, which makes sense since many people violate the # of occupants policy-- but to victimize all tenants for this is wrong. The apartment is close to school and work, and if the bug problem and construction were to stop I would sadly probably still stay here since the other options are either 1. way more expensive 2. those that are cheaper are even shittier than this. They know they can get away with these prices because of the location. A few of the guys who work at the front desk are very nice and helpful which is a plus.
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