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Copley Management Dere Corporation



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/10/2009
For just 3 months of living here we've been experiencing: 1)rapid fluctuation in water temperature (you have to learn to take shower in 3-5 minutes while water is hot, or get used to cold shower), and they can't do anything about it; 2)rats and roaches (they also can't do much about it), 3)leaking pipes, 4)pipe from laundry dryer comes out through our apartment, it was broke and was making us breath all that dust coming from the dryer. In addition to that, not even complaints, some not very important things for us, but that are still unpleasant: no storage space, no dishwasher, waking up from your neighbor's steps (hardwood floor, I actually like it, but it's unfortunate that our neighbor comes home from work at 12, when we just fall asleep usually), and all other problems mentioned by reviewers in the past. Of course, we don't expect perfect life from 1930's building (correct me if I'm wrong). However, when moving to Boston and choosing this apartment (unfortunately didn't have enough time for search), which is twice as much as we'd paid for apartment in VA, we expected at least life we'd had before: without rats and roaches, and problems appearing so fast and often, one after another. What I don't understand is that we, tenants, pay so much for these flats (probably because of location, which I don't consider good, by the way, since green line is so slow and rear), but the same problems have been existing over years, decades, (here,reviewers complained about mice in 2002, and it's 2009 now), and it seems to me nothing's been done to improve the situation, cause they only improve appearance (flats, halls, area around,etc)whereas buildings in this area need capital renovation from the inside.
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Copley Management Dere Corporation

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