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109 Queensberry St # A, Boston, MA 02215
109 Queensberry St # A, Boston, MA 02215

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Copley Management Dere Corporation



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Resident 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/18/2009
Unless you are desperate, don't rent basement units at this location! The apartments are "renovated", since they have granite counter tops, but that's it about renovation. If you look under drop-ceilings, you will see huge holes in the walls, which maintenance will not fix for you. ("That's why we have drop ceilings, because we cannot fix it" -- that's their answer). Why this is a problem? You will be awaken by rats running above your head behind drop ceiling, you will occasionally see huge roaches, which will often sit on the drop ceiling above you, the exhaust pipes from the dryer are also running behind that ceiling, and the dust will be coming into your apartment (they cannot seal the connections well, and sometimes it comes lose completely, with all dryer exhaust coming in). The real ceiling under that drop ceiling is moldy, has a lot of cracks, with plaster falling down on the drop ceiling panels. You will also find a lot of rat droppings, if you are curious and adventurous to look. For the basement units, recycling area may be right behind your bedroom windows. It will be normal for you to be awaken around 7am on Saturday morning from the sound of homeless people searching through the recycling containers for glass bottles (very loud noise). The gate to the area is rarely locked. Maintenance cannot fix it -- homeless people break it every time they fix it, and they don't try hard to fix it. (The natural question is why not move that recycling area outside, but this is for you to ask maintenance). And when it becomes too hot in your apartment, and you just want some fresh air -- don't you dare opening windows overnight, unless you enjoy tobacco smoking. The areas outside your windows are common smoking place. On the other hand, if you are a lawyer, maybe you can sue these guys for renting apartment which does not meet living conditions. But I didn't have time to complain and just moved to a different place. For the money they are going to ask you for basement units, you will be able to rent a decent studio, and I am sure you will have much better living conditions.
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Copley Management Dere Corporation

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