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3611 Washington Street

Boston, MA 02130



Resident · 2017 - 2020
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Office Staff
I have lived in this complex for 3.5 years. The first 2.5 were okay. I experienced some of the same issues noted by other commenters below, but everything was basically okay. Then this new management group started. Aggressive emails and behavior from the staff have become a norm. Everyone I know has moved on from this place and I am literally counting the days until I am no longer legally obligated to pay them another dime. Additionally the units are in a constant state of disrepair. There are several places above the header entrances that are showing signs of collapse in the exterior drywall. Repair requests are handled at the leisure of the organization. I had a persistent leak that coming from my ceiling that was just painted over as a solution to repair the problem. Unsurprisingly, the problem reoccured and the maintenance specialist cut a hole in my ceiling, which remained for several weeks (pictured below ;the hole that was left in my ceiling for almost a month; an example of the water that ran into my floor from the hole each day ). I pay $2600 a month for such amenities. Also, please beware if looking at this place, consider the endurance it takes to do multiple midnight fire drills each year (almost bi-monthly) due to their faulty smoke detection system. We have to evacuate the facility and stand outside for two hours because someone had the tenacity to use their oven. The appliances here are bottom of the barrel. The oven hood don't capture smoke, the sensitive smoke detectors go off leading everyone to get some fresh air. The dryers take multiple cycles to finish a load, etc. Also, the elevator in my building is mainly for decoration. It goes down almost bi-monthly as well. I guess the straw that broke the back for me is when I was ticketed for parking over two hours in the same place I have parked for over 3 years. When I moved in I was told by the facility management they had the discretion to enforce their two hour parking rule and that they would not until they get people moved into their perennially empty retail spaces. Out of the blue on morning in September, every car on the street in front of the building had a ticket for two hour parking. There is a Yoga studio that has been opened in one of their retail spaces. Instead of giving us a notice about the parking these jerks just turned Boston PD on us. When I confronted the office staff I was told that I should have already had a pass for their $200 a month garage parking. The person at the front scolded me for having car and not buying a pass. I was told I had to buy a pass for the garage if I want to park there between the hours of 8-5. So I begrudgingly got a pass. This month I go to pay my new bill and see that I am being charged for two parking passes. I confronted the management about this issue and was informed they forgot to bill last month so they did me the favor of adding an additional $200 dollars onto my already $2600 a month invoice. Today I will pay them $2800 for an apartment they are list for $600 less a month with 2 free months included. Beware they bait you with an okay price and then try to charge an additional 5000 a year increased monthly rent. They recently tried to raise the rent on my neighbor to $3000 a month ($800 increase) during the middle of pandemic. Smartly my neighbors are leaving. Having been laid off from Covid for a few months getting started back getting on my feet has been difficult. I have at least had the comfort of threatening emails and inhospitable property management to help me through this. This management has exasperated tenants with their cruel policies during this pandemic. I expect my move out to be the absolute most painful process I will have endured with a property management group. I have already heard horror stories from my friends (and former neighbors). Avoid this complex like the plague. Concoran Management has made it a practice to staff this place with dishonest grifters who are chomping at the bit to treat you inhospitably.
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Hi Johnathan, we're disappointed to learn about your experience with our community and team, and we're sorry to learn that our efforts to support could not meet your expectations. We care about your well being and comfort and would be more than happy to connect with you, further discuss any related policies in greater detail, and clear up any misunderstanding. We strive to provide open and honest service for all our residents, and we'd be happy to do the same for you. If you'd like to connect, please don't hesitate to contact our team. We'd be more than willing to get a conversation started as soon as possible. We wish you all the best!

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