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The Lofts at East Berkeley



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
I lived here from August 2010 to May 2011. My experience was terrible. Things were always breaking around the apartment and it was always a pain to get thru to somebody to have anything repaired. I'd try several times and finally get a response days later. Both elevators were broken for several weeks and one elevator for months during the winter into spring. I remember one lady had to walk up on her apartment on crutches. They reimbursed us for 1/2 our rent checks one month, but it shouldn't have happened in the first place. Nobody seemed to take care of it either. To make matters worse, the apartment hallways smelled like filthy, wet dogs and sometimes you'd catch a whiff of a Chinatown fish smell. Dogs constantly bark. Crackheads hang out on the corners and I'd often wake up to homeless people screaming at 5am as they left Pine Street Inn (which is Boston's largest shelter located across the street). I generally didn't feel safe walking alone past 8pm..there were always really sketchy people running around - smoking weed, drunk, cat calling, drug dealing, passed out, smelling. I did feel safe in the building, however. There was on-sight security after 6pm. In addition, only a bus with very limited access to places passes thru the direct vicinity. The closest T stop is a good 15 minute walk away. The apartment is in the South End, bordering Chinatown, which is a trendy urban area of Boston, but this particular section is really ------. I have lived in other major cities - New York City and Paris, and I am used to an urban environment, but this is really the pits.
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The Lofts at East Berkeley

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