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The Lofts at East Berkeley



Resident · 2009 - 2011
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Office Staff
I love living in the area. Some folks have complained about the Pine Street Inn, but you know what, homeless shelters are necessary and the PSI has been around much longer than this area has been trendy. So yes, there are vagrants around, but it's a city. And the rent is cheap compared to other places in "nicer" sections of the neighborhood. That out of the way, the building is CHEAP. Fixtures are cheap. Finish is cheap. Management is un-responsive and rude. For example, I called the main office and was told that our representative left. Instead of taking a message and sending it to the right person, they just give me the number and leave upon myself to find said other person. The management company is completely devoid of customer service experience. It's horrendous. Maintenance has been ok. They at least come right away if something goes wrong. Which it does. The building is just 10 years old, but it's already leaking and things are breaking left and right. The elevator fiasco was just disgusting. It's completely to blame on the lack of maintenance that they busted, and then management blamed the lack of a fix on a warranty fight with the elevator company. What a good management company would have done was fix it overnight and fought for reimbursement. But not The Hamilton Company. No. They make all of their tenants suffer for a month without elevators. So: if you want an inexpensive place to live on the edge of the South End, be prepared for hassles with management and cheap quality living. Otherwise, pay up and live elsewhere.
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The Lofts at East Berkeley

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