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2 McCusker Drive, Braintree, MA 02184
2 McCusker Drive, Braintree, MA 02184

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Braintree Village



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2013
Here is what I see about Braintree Village and I don't even live here. I have a few friends that do and from what I have seen this place needs major IMPROVEMENTS. The office staff, while some are nice, is very slow to respond to complaints from tenants. Other than that they seem ok. The maintenance staff is slow to respond and some seem inept. Upon moving in my friend had their screen door to the patio come off. This seems to be the norm for this place because while driving through I can see several screens just sitting to the side. The maintenance guy came to address the issue after a few days (this is the only time I have seen them respond so quickly) but brought no tools. Placed the screen back ok more like propped it in place then said it was fixed. Of course it came back off again. There seems to be an inherit mold issues with the bathrooms in every building. The bathroom fans in my opinion are not strong enough to properly vent the bathrooms. My friend called several times to have them address the issue and each time (slow response) they come with a bottle of some solution, spray and leave. Guess what, yes you guessed correctly the mold came back. Oh and the same guy that came for the patio screen was the same guy that claimed he fixed the mold. He had the audacity to say they were taking too hot of a shower and not turning on the vent fan. It wasn't until I bought the proper paint and stuff to kill the mold had the issue been resolved. I guess all my years of watching Holmes on homes came in handy. The apartments themselves seem to be stuck in the 70s. They have vertical blinds that barely open. Either they don't turn to let the light in or open easily. The walls have some faux finish that looks tacky. The hall closets have these UGLY bi-folding doors don't stay on the track. Power outlets seem to be poorly mounted because if you unplug your cord the outlet wants to come with it. Some units have an issue with the heat/ac system. Some seem to just stop working. Tenants have no control over on how hot or cold they want it. Let me explain. They turn the a/c on midway into June then off in mid October. The heat will be turned on in mid November and then off once they turn it back to a/c. In one unit the vents put out black soot. When this was brought to the attention of maintenance the same guy form before tried to say it was from the candles. Let me not bash the entire maintenance staff cause there are a few that go above and beyond. There seems to be a lack of security. Some tenants want to jam the lock on the door to the building by wedging paper in the lock to keep it from latching.
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Braintree Village

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