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Braintree Village



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/30/2007
I'm ashamed to admit that we have lived here for seven years now. As other people have said, the rents are the lowest in the area, and include all utilities... And that is just about the only positive comment that I can make about this complex. The people in the office are rude, and never seem to follow through on anything they are asked to do. I rarely call in work orders, but when I do, I have to call two or three times before they get done. The maintenance people are rude, and act like it's a huge imposition when they come to repair something. We're fortunate that many of our immediate neighbors are nice people who are quiet and clean. But the overwhelming majority of people in this complex are not. Every summer evening, the radios blare, cars filled with teens clog the parking lots so that you can't back out or drive in, and unsupervised children as young as 5 hang out in the middle of the street. When you try to drive your car down the road, they glare at you for making them move. They climb on trees until they fall over, spraypaint on buildings, and throw rocks at people and glass doors. I don't know where their parents are, or why their parents don't intervene, but they don't. I have children myself, and I won't let them play outside for this very reason. There are police officers around all the time, often on domestic violence calls. Drugs are rampant. Kids vandalize cars in the parking lot, and there's recently been a number of cars that were broken into. I can't imagine why some people would write positive reviews about this place. There is really nothing good to say about it.
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Braintree Village

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