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Waterford Village



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
I have lived here for six months and if I could get out of my lease I would. I don't have the money to do it. They say the run is going to be cheap when you are revealing it but they don't tell you about the million other charges that the ad on. The day I moved in after I signed my lease I found thousands of bedbugs in the carpet dead and alive. A man came in and sprayed and said that he had never done that apartment before but there's no way that's possible because there were dead bedbugs already they also never disclose that somebody had committed suicide in the apartment right before I moved in this place is the most disgusting place I have ever lived and I have had plenty of apartments. The water there also has something in it that makes your hair fall out . Me along with four other people that live in the building are all experiencing the same thing chunks of hair falling out of our heads there are so many more issues I couldn't even begin to tell you do not move in and if you do you need to do a good search of the entire apartment with a flashlight and a fine tooth tooth comb. Laundry facility is only two small tiny washer machines that cost a ton of money to use and two dryers and this is for 24 apartments total. The pool is disgusting. The gym is terrible. The driving range is a piece of wood with a big area of grass in the nature walk is just a trail in the woods with a bunch of beer cans and burnt trees .
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Waterford Village

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