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Regency Building Corporation



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Office Staff
Resident 1995 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/21/2002
Regency Apartments/Regency Building Company used to be an exclusive building in a mediocre/lousy area. Tenents were screened, and the only reason I got the last apartment available is because I knew someone who already lived here, and I passed "inspection" upon meeting with the private, in-house management (some of whom lived on site). The budiling was made up of professionals (mainly doctors at the near-by hospitals) and families. the budiling was not advertised, and it was a true oasis in a sea of students, gangs, Methadone clinics and older Russians. <br> <br>Two years after I moved in, the building´s owners fired its management and new managers came in. Ever since, the make-up of the tenants and rents have changed dramatically, and not for the better. Now the budiling accepts bascially anyone whose money is green; unfortunately this has meant a younger clientle, 20-somethings fresh out of college and in their first jobs; often the lobby feels like an Abercrombie and Fitch ad, though some holdover older tenants still remain. <br> <br>Along with "younging down" of the budiling, rents have skyrockted; my unit alone has doubled since I first moved in, and this is likely to be my last year here. This is due in part to the tight rental market, but while the rents have increased, upgrades to the units have not. They seem to pick and choose the when and where they enhance the units, choosing to make cosmetic, seemingly uneccessary improvements to the common areas. Who cares if the laundry room is freshly painted if you kitchen sink seemingly flows radon-laden water? Things like that... <br> <br>Also, the "new" management does not allow you to upgrade units, moving to a larger space within the building; they claimg "the owners don´t like it," which flies in the face of logic: why wouldn´t you allow long-standing tennants (whom you know are good credit risk) to move to a larger unit than take a risk on a kid just out of college? Many longer-standing residents are not happy about this. <br> <br>The budiling, however, is relatively safe, even if the area is not the greatest. They plow the parking lot -- a space in which I waited a years to obtain (spaces are at a premium if you can get one, which I HIGHLY recommend) -- collect garbage regularly and keep the building pretty clean. Good laundry roof, but it can get crowded. Nice roof deck. Good location, with a T stop right out the front door. But prices are already through the roof, so it´s no longer the great deal it once was. They don"t collect a security deposit, which is the only financial "plus" about the place. But after 5 years, I´m ready to get the hell out of this area, which can get noisy.
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Regency Building Corporation

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