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Westside Colonial Apartment



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/20/2007
The maintenance absolutely sucks. <br>All they care about is making money. They let the paint peel on the outside of the building. The trash bins are in plain site of all of the apartments, and it looks like you're living in an alley because it often piles up so much until the seagulls and animals come to eat out of it. The bins do not have lids so the garbage can be seen. The windows in the laundry room were taken once by tenants, open to the weather and anyone who wanted access to the building, and it took calls to the office in Allston after weeks of calling the rental office, threatening legal action, to get them to finally replace them. And this was in the winter. After they fixed the windows, the door to the building was taken off its hinges by one of the tenants. Some tenants sit outside drinking in the parking lot and playing radios really loud. They have Section 8 apartments on the basement level, and the last tenant who was in one smoked so many cigarettes and so much pot that it took over the hallway and leaked into my apartment until I put towels in the crack under the door. Maintenance would not fix or replace broken (these were 20 year old appliances that broke) appliances until I begged, including the refrigerator and wall air conditioner. I was told that they were "still running." Yes, still running, but not cooling anything. My dishwasher is still spilling water all over the floor when I run it so I stopped complaining. According to maintenance, it is "still running." The apartment above me was burned down by tenants who fell asleep with boiling oil on the stove. After they renovated the apartment, the next tenants were treated to 2 times of backed up sewage water that spilled all over their apartment and leaked into mine, shorting out the hallway light and leaving sewage stains all over the ceiling. The maintenance guy told me that he was working at the apartments because he was unable to be a plumber because he had lost his license. Maintenance has also entered my apartment when I was not there, for no reason. I finally videotaped it after noticing evidence of this. I have seen several times when people who live in the apartments have been dragged out and arrested by the police. Recently the aluminum threshold of the door fell off because the wood under it had rotted. They left this for over a week and finally replaced it, but not with a new piece of aluminum. They put in a piece of wood and painted it grey. Cheapskates. They let Comcast come in and turn off everyone's cable even when they were paying customers like me. Humiliating. That's the word for how you will feel if you live here. Humiliated like you are living in a slum. <br>Don't waste your money.
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Westside Colonial Apartment

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