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100 Memorial Drive Apartments

100 Memorial Drive

Cambridge, MA 02142



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cstone90 • Resident 2015 Recommended
Reviewed 09/17/2015
I feel that many of the reviews here are over the top and hyperbolise "issues". I'll hit on some of the common points I've seen: Doors slamming: Yes, our front door does slam if we do not close it somewhat carefully. It seems to get pulled by some air flowing out of the apartment. In spite of this, I have never heard a door being slamming while in my own apartment. The walls are all concrete and sound does not permeate easily. Also, majority of apartments are raised up or lowered one floor when you enter, which helps a lot. Plumbing: The shower works absolutely fine once you get used to it. There is a cold handle and a hot handle. If you crank them both, the temperature will fluctuate. If you do mostly hot, and turn the cold handle slightly, then it remains consistent. Apart from this, the toilet doesn't always flush with a lot of power, but a courtesy flush always does the trick. I have had apartments with far worse dated plumbing. (clogging and freezing, not an issue here) Internet: Not sure how people can complain about internet speeds. Perhaps they should purchase a better internet package from their provider? We purchased a 125mbps package and have had no issues. I feel quite safe in the apartment and the concierge seems to truly have our best interest in mind. He does rounds checking all the floors, so they are not always at the front desk. Overall, the apartment is much better than most I have been in. The issues are insignificant when compared the privacy, the views and nice apartment itself. Love the gigantic windows in every room (floor to ceiling in the living room, with views of boston skyline). They are not very well insulated, but we don't have to pay for heat anyways ;)
100 Memorial Drive Apartments Manager09/25/2015

Thank you for your positive comments: we truly appreciate your feedback. Our team works diligently to make sure that our residents receive outstanding customer service.

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100 Memorial Drive Apartments

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