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100 Memorial Drive Apartments

100 Memorial Drive

Cambridge, MA 02142



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/02/2007
Aside from having one of the best possible views onto the Charles river and Boston itself and a very nice, convenient location within the city of Cambridge allowing for easy access to pretty much anywhere in the area and with only one minute to walk in order to get onto the red line subway station, there are many negative things which are to be heavily weighted and considered before signing a lease with the management of this community. First off, the management doesn't care much if at all about people's comments. Recently, and for the 5th time in the past couple of months, the building has been faced with plumbing issues. As usual, because of the plumbing work, each resident, including myself received a memo about the work being done again. But every memo states that the work as to be complete. And because it has been attempted so many times, many residents started to write on the memos which were placed in the elevators that they have had enough with it and every time such comments were written, they had been taken down my the management team as an act of sole censorship which I find disgusting considering that they aren't the ones who can't shower in the morning because of the water being cut. Keeping in mind that people pay an absolute fortune to live in this building, I also believe that it should be better maintained. The materials used are very cheap and its very easy to hear your next door neighbor's door bell ring right through the wall along with the numerous doors slam at all hours, which all generate quite a disturbance. The third-party concierge team is great though and are in most cases very helpful. Which I could say the same about the management team which tries to charge residents for any kind of service possible. You lock yourselves out of your apartments: $50. you need an extra key: $5. You lose your laundry card: $10. Its absolutely ridiculous. And you can also consider that the central air doesn't work well, and that the plumbing is absolutely horrible, and especially the toilets which are one of a kind and really, really crappy (pun intended). The kitchens are tiny and the windows are very very rusty, and semi-functional; they also leak an extreme amount of air which is bad in the winter when its really cold and energy-wise, very inneficient. Overall the building is very overrated despite its convenient location. They either need to charge a LOT less per unit or heavily renovate the building.
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100 Memorial Drive Apartments

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