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Harvard Towers



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
This building has numerous problems. It is great that it has garage parking for $90.00 a month but frequently the parking place is unusable either because the maintenance truck is parked and left running in middle of garage and there is no driver nearby and no way to get around the truck or because they do not clear away snow and you cannot get in or out of the garage or the garage doors are broken or the garage is leaking water. They do not prorate the parking even if you have been able to get to your space for a week at a time. Also the garage drips some sort of material on the cars and destroys the paint on the car. The maintenance is surly and downright rude and the work that is completed on the apartment is sloppy and haphazard. I end of doing most small repairs myself. I have had very expensive duvet covers ripped by the maintenance man placing sharp tools or building materials on the bed. The hallways smell disgusting on an almost daily basis due to lack of trash removal. When the trash is removed it is usually done between 8-9 when many people are leaving for work which results in one of the elevators being tied up and lines of people waiting for the one remaining elevator. Then the elevator smells terrible afterwards. The building managers do not return phonecalls promptly. I am frequently left notices under my door with other tenets names on them that I then have to find the correct tenet and then do not receive notices that are intended for me. Finally, you cannot receive delivery of packages through the mail at the building. I have had multiple items stolen as have many other tenets (who post notices in the elevators about their missing packages). I have also seen packages ripped open and their contents removed while the box remains in the lobby. I have filed police reports regarding the missing packages but no one has ever been caught. Also racial and anti-semitic slurs are frequently carved into the walls of the elevator.
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Harvard Towers

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