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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2005
New staff has become VERY unfriendly. They seem to think tenants are only here to keep them in a job and seem to care less about tenants. they have a clubhouse which they will not open unless they are here from 10 to 6--most people work then, so you can't use it later to play pool or watch TV etc.--your rent helps pay the mortgage on it though. apparently they misrepresent your using it as part of your rent when you are shown around. they smile then, not later when there are problems. They shut the fitness center down for approx. 4 months to enlarge it. Pretty much, all they did was add a new door because they shut down the clubhouse way in and moved a free weight chair in hall. This took 4 whole months instead of 4 days...months!!!!!!!!! No refunds though. the pool is supposed to be open from 10 to 8. Many times after arriving home at 7 PM from work on a hot steamy night, the pool had been shut down because the teenage lifeguard wanted to leave and go party and no one had been there for 10 minutes. Can you imagine going to the grocery store an hour before their closing time to discover they closed an hour early because no one had been there for 10 minutes!! Place is a joke. Office could care less. Some very hot sunny days, the pool is shut down too as no lifeguard shows up. Office management could care less. They won't let you in. it appears a teenager who works part time in the summer at the pool controlss the office and the managers in there. what a shame!!! What a disgrace!! The office seems absolutely powerless to open the pool to the people who are paying for it. they take your money though in the rent check!! this is not a place to live. severely mismanaged and they are video taping the clubhouse secretly and have violated people's rights as no posting of the surveillance is anywhere. camera, monitor and daily video tapes are behind the TV wall in clubhouse. try the locked door. the police OFTEN show up near bldg. 8 & 9. One time I counted 9 police cars rushing in and one had the police dogs barking fiercely too. office people constantly come around and leave notes on doors. So if you are away on vacation, everyone knows you are not home as the paper(s) pile up or stay in front of your door. You'll be lucky if you don't get robbed with them doing that. Just think, you canceled the mail and newspapers and the office violates your security for you instead of putting the notice up on the front door to bldg. the laundry room had an issue of things "missing". the rates are $1.75 and going up i think as per some notice in there. the machines only take 5, 10 and 20 dollar bills and register the amount on a card for you. it will be hard to come out even on wash and dry as it is put on a card and you use the card in a machine. you'll forever have money stuck on your card. best to do laundry somewhere else. TOO many times, the office has closed way too early, especially won weekends when you are home and not at work as no one wanted to work and you could not get help/answers and had to wait, sometimes 2 days for someone to return. they now open sundays 12 to 5. not sure how long that will last. one saturday, the office closed at noon instead of 6. often find notes on door that it is closed... so sorry!! not a dependable office at all. Corcoran company ought to fire everyone in there and hire a whole new staff that is trained on FRIENDLY customer service. Best to go live somewhere else. I have. Spread the word to stay away from this place.
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