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Border City Mill Apartments



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lizashleyc • Resident 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 04/18/2012
I adore this apartment complex! If you're looking for a quiet and very safe place to live, Border City is the place to go. Everyone who lives here is so friendly and most people will say hello in the elevator or in passing, whether they know you or not. Everything is kept immaculately clean. There are even trash shoots in every hallway so you don't need to take your trash outside to the dumpster (but you can if you have big items to dispose of). Dogs, cats, and small animals are allowed and welcomed. The grounds even have an area where you can grow your own garden if you'd like and a fenced in area where you can use grills and have cookouts. The staff here are very professional, yet also down to earth and friendly. The leasing consultant (Helen) gave me a tour the first day I came here, and she is such a sweetheart and very knowledgeable about everything going on in the facility. She or Monique (property manager) are always in the office and address any and all needs promptly. It is clear that they both care a lot about the happiness of residents, and that has been obvious to me from day one. There are families here, those with disabilities, older folks, and really every age. It's always quiet and the walls are practically soundproof. People are very respectful of others and everyone holds doors for everyone else, which might sound like a ridiculous thing for me to write in a review, but it really is such a wonderful thing when you don't expect it. A police officer is always doing rounds at night, so it is certainly very safe and people never have to worry if they come home late. My only complaint, and a very small one at that, would be that the floors in my apartment are rather slanted. Normally I barely notice, but sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I almost lose my footing for a minute. The building itself was built in the 1970s, I believe, as a factory building of some sort, so it definitely has character. I love the vaulted ceilings, big windows, and large bathrooms too. It has central air & forced heating, so temperature is never an issue. Oh, and hot water and heat are FREE! If you're a smoker, you can smoke in your apartment. There is also an area outside that people smoke at. If you're looking for a place to meet a lot of other young adults or have lots of parties, this place isn't for you. Quiet and privacy are highly valued here, and most people here probably wouldn't appreciate lots of people congregating in hallways and talking loudly, but if you're looking for somewhere quiet and neat, you'd have to be crazy to live anywhere else (especially in Fall River). Oh, and there are snack machines on the ground floor - great for when you run out of food or forget to go shopping! And did I even mention the pool? It's a little on the higher side price-wise compared to other places in Fall River, but it's worth every penny. Call the office and set up a tour date and you'll see exactly what I mean. No, I don't work here or anything, I'm a nursing student and I live here. I just re-read what I wrote and parts of this sound like I'm an advertiser or something.. hah. Oh, and do note: Border City Mills isn't as fancy-shmancy as the website makes it look, so I hope anyone reading this doesn't get the idea that this place is full of rich snobs. It's so laid back and I love it! I never want to leave!
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Border City Mill Apartments

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