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1610 Worcester Road

Framingham, MA 01702



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travelers • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/10/2005
Where should we begin...when we came for an appointment, the managagement office was so classy and professional, we were shown beautiful model apartments, and amenities, and we thought, wow, we can't get any better for $995 so close to the Pike. Well, we feel like idiots now because we were so duped! The only thing that we can say nice about this place is that the landscaping is beautiful, and that I think they do that to put up a nice facade, to fool everyone that this is some kind of luxury place. Now to list the negatives: First week we were here, the neighbors across the hall and down one apartment yell and fight, and you can hear it in your apartment, not very pleasant. Neighbor's cat coughs up hairballs and are left in the hall, along with another neighbor's dog poop (by the way, dogs are not allowed according to the lease, but management never enforces their rules), so you can step on them on your way to work. The fire alarms that everyone complains about on here wake you up every night, sometimes several times at 2 and 3am, and then the loud fire trucks come and wake you up once more. Forget about getting any sleep here, you can hear the neighbors above having sex and the neighbor below talking on the phone at 1am. We slept with earplugs many, many nights just to try to get a wink of sleep before work. Then the scariest thing was waking up one morning, walking to the elevator for work, and being greeted by fireman and realizing that the whole first floor lobby and entire elevator shaft had burned to the ground. The scary part of that would be that you slept through the entire thing, because fire alarms are so common that you put your earplugs in, rolled over and went back to sleep. And no one knocked on your door to tell you to evacuate. Then, there are no elevators to use for the rest of the year. The lease says no grillingon patios, per the fire department, but so many people do it anyway. After we had the fires (there were 3 that year) management never asked anyone not to grill, never enforced the rule as usual. Besides the fire alarms, we loved the loud stereos and pealing tires in the parking lot. As someone else said, the people can be scary and sleazy, so if you are a pretty girl I wouldn't go jogging in a sports bra or walk alone at night. And forget it if you have a complaint...management pretends you are not there. I could go on and on, but I think we have said enough. We have lived in Los Angeles and had more peace and quiet there for a lower rent price. We are usually not big complainers, and can take quite alot, but this place has made us miserable for the last year and we are out of here. So if you do actually decide to live here, buy a fire escape ladder, get a good set of earplugs, and don't even think about having a nice car.
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Halstead Framingham

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