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Hamilton Village



Resident · 2000 - 2008
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Office Staff
I've lived here for a long time, in fact I'm one of the few english speaking people left here. This used to be a beautiful and well run complex. But, since it was taken over by the Hamilton Company, many changes have taken place, and not many of them have been for the better. First, they're not too picky about who they let in here these days. The once quiet and friendly complex is now over-run with non english speaking, rude, inconsiderate brazillians. They are loud, obnoxious and their kids are either running in the hallways screaming, running outside your windows screaming, digging up the lawns, or stealing anything you happen to leave on your own patio. Oh and I forgot to mention, if you live on the bottom floor, expect for these kids to be up against your windows from Spring - Fall, banging on them and even looking inside your apartment! Mgmt enacted a parking ban... mixed opnion on that one. First off... it helps... a little bit. Now I don't have to park over at walgreens if I come home after 7pm. But as another poster stated, there is NO visitor parking. So if you ever want to have an overnight guest.. make sure you pick them up, because any car with no sticker WILL be towed Management WILL however give you a temporary parking sticker if you will be using a rental car, borrowing a car etc. And the poor maitnence guy.... This guy has been working here longer than I've lived here. He's a good guy. Up until a little over a year ago, they had two guys. They were always right ontop of things, no matter how minor it was.. you called, they came usually same day to fix the problem. During the wintertime, one would plow the parking lot, and the other would clear all the walkways. They'd even use a bobcat to clear the plowed in snow away from your car when you were trying to move it. Well, the brainiacs at Hamilton Village decided that they no longer wanted to pay for two guys, so they, without warning, let the second guy go. Pretty crappy thing to do, considering he had just bought a home and had a new baby. Well now this one guy is expected to do everything around here. An impossible job. There are over 100 individual apartments in this complex, plus the grounds. Things are no longer getting done when they should be. During the winter months, sometimes it takes a tenant falling on ice and complaining to the office to get the walkways sanded. During the last snow/ice storm, the walkway that I use, which is also on a hill, was not sanded for a day and a half and was completely covered in a layer of ice. People had to walk through the snow just to get past this stretch of walkway, because if you tried to navigate it, you'd probably break your neck. So in closing, unless Hamilton Village gets on the ball and starts actually giving tenants what they're paying for... no I would not recommend this complex to anyone.
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Hamilton Village

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