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Lord Chesterfield Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2010
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Office Staff
I live on the lower basement level. -Carpets are old and stained. They shampoo themselves. I black-lighted the place WTF. *Large drafty windows. And the walls under it leak water if it rains hard. *Built in AC units aren't regularly serviced so it may smell like pollen or stale air. -Kitchen has a grease trap hood but not a real vent. -the kitchen cabinets aren't sealed well so mice travel freely. also a attic or basement Oder come out of the cabinets before I great stuffed the cracks. -The pluming fixtures are all old - kitchen and bath -The walls have multiple layers of white primer and bits like a dirty paint roller. -grout in shower stall is falling out from improper tiling and sealing. -all heat radiators are electric so you pay 120 to 190 in electric bills in the winter vs 60-100 in summer. -hallways aren't well vented nor the apartments them selves. -the mailboxes are small and they don't deliver weekly ads. they trow them out in the laundry room trash or directly into dumpsters before you see them, most months. I have seen 5 in 1-1/2 years and I have seen them in the trash. - Laundry is cleaned every day because people are slobs and throw lint on the floor and spill soap and softener on the floor. And only 2 of the 4 washers and dryers work O.K.. -neighbors suck, i had UPS stolen from my door. what they are going to do with a header exhaust gasket for my car is beyond me. and the people above me vacuum 3 times a day min. and skip or run where ever they go, they and don't walk. -in the winter if you clear your spot good they will take it and leave theirs. i have 4 wheels so no biggie but smaller cars need to clean out there spot or steal yours. -the maintenance has a key for you apartment. i feel any day I'm gonna come home and find ---- missing. The maintenance guys have entered my house 3 times at least without notice before or after.I found bits of ceiling Sheetrock in boxes and dust in closet clothing only when i was home was i told. there is more but I'm tired. this place does suck
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Lord Chesterfield Apartments

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