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Union Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/13/2017
Staff was incredibly reasonable and easy to work with while living there, and I won't say that I was the best tenant (roommate complications). I am giving 2 stars because I felt misled as I was leaving the apartment complex. I'll break down costs, and keep in mind that my biggest complaint is not getting my security deposit back. I had a 2BR, 2 bath, and for the price you pay, you'd think they would incorporate some of the fixes into their prices. Rent: $1700+ $50 for a dog and $25 for a cat Sewage: $60 (you pay this in the rent amount) Electric: $130 average (used AC more than heating, but in the times neither of those were used, the lowest bill was $120) Total : $1965 To compare, my MORTGAGE for a 3BR, 2 bath HOUSE is $2100 and my utilities come in to about $120/month (not including luxuries like internet/cable), and I have a garage and storage space, items that I did not take advantage of here. Not sure how they deal with water here, but my water bill for 6 months is $30 for my home.. Dishwasher leaked when in use, even after 2 requests for maintenance. I gave up on them fixing it and no, I'm not going to put my own time into something they clearly don't care about. They came both times and claimed it was fixed. If they said it was fixed, then I'll take their word for it, I suppose. Washer leaked. Left a stain on the carpet. When I was being checked out, my security deposit just short of $1000 was kept for numerous reasons, including: carpet replacement due to pets (reasonable, BUT this is a pet friendly complex so I'm a little confused as to why this isn't factored into the rent I'm paying), holes/nails in the wall (so don't hang anything up), dirty oven/range/microwave (reasonable as well, but to an extent), a lightbulb in the bathroom (it was out when I moved in, and I didn't want them coming back into the apartment since I had just adopted a dog, so I ate the cost). Maybe you'll think I was a bad tenant, maybe I was since I don't see that side of this matter, or that I'm not accurately describing the damage. This is my opinion. Some good things about the complex is that you don't hear your neighbors unless they're in the hall, or above you, and everyone I bumped into was very friendly and nice. Packages were received at the main office which is very convenient and the grills were a great amenity. The dog park was awesome most of time, but the trash bins were often forgotten, and the gates were warped in the winter since they weren't shoveled out. I think I'd recommend it if you don't have pets, but if you do, be prepared to lose your deposit, because I think it makes a great excuse for them to keep it. I'm giving 4 stars for safety because I had some mysterious damage on my car once in a while, mostly in the form of scratches here and there. I realize this can happen just from kids running around or someone tripping/bumping into a car, so it's not really in their control unless they choose to incorporate video cameras or something for the lots.
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Union Place

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