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Donoghue Realty Corporation



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/29/2004
area isnt bad out front, but out back were you park isnt a good neighborhood. Never been broken into, and kept car doors unlocked. We had 2 cars when we moved in, and were promised we could park nearby when winter came and street parking was illegal. Found out they promised this 1 spot to everyone, and it wasnt managements to promise. It belonged to the maint. guy who of course didnt want everyone parking there. Washer/Dryer area is a disaster, only 1 machine working at a time for EVERYONE to share, and it is only 1/2 working, this has been this way for a year. They say absolutely no pets, but the place is crawling with cats. One guy even had the gawl to put a sticker on his door that said in case of fire, save my cat! Heard from people who have left that getting your security deposit back when you leave requires a court battle 90% of the time. The day we moved in we reported a maint. problem. The problem is still a problem... <br>Some neighbors arent bad, but some stay up til all hours of the morning getting drunk. In the year we've been here only 1 time has the police had to come, and it was for a noise complaint at 3am.
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Donoghue Realty Corporation

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