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Crestview Condominiums



Resident · 2001 - 2002
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I have been living at CrestView for over a year, I moved here when rents were sky -high <br>in the Metro-West area so at that time $750 <br>was the the most I could spend as a single tenant. <br>I have learned that you can call anything <br>a condo- these units should be named slum- <br>box! The kitchen is very small, hardly room for a dinette, with an easy-bake oven and no counter space. The living room is large and so is the bed room. The pipes in <br>the entire complex are old, as evidenced by <br>the slow drainage in the tub and sinks and the daily toilet clogs. <br>The apartments are encased in 2 large, square buildings that are 3 floors high, <br>you can hear and smell everything in the apartments next to you. The worst thing is the smell surrounding the entire complex is disgusting! I think the sewage system is leaking! It is so gross! <br>The second thing, they say tennis courts,well there is grass growing in the cracks of the court and no net. The swimming pool is an indoor pool that opens in the summer only (??) and then when they are open, the hours <br>are ridiculous..because they can´t pay a lifegaurd enough to watch the screaming kids who run around there- and beleive me the noise is 10 times as loud in a high-ceilinged covered room! <br>I am currently looking for another place, the market is changing so I can now find something decent for the price i´m paying to <br>live in the sewage plant. <br>
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Crestview Condominiums

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