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Delmont Gardens Trust



Resident · 2005 - 2016
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Ok I lived here for like 11 years. Probably even longer I was 6 years old when I first moved into this neighborhood. And I'm turning 18 soon. I use to live on a second floor with a balcony and back then that cost like 1,300$. And that was apt 11 I believe. Now I live in the first floor which is much cheaper. My parents paid 900 dollars flat each month, but rent probably increased to 1k recently. I wouldn't really know. I don't pay rent. I just live here. And my experience, I don't mind it. Not everyone gets what they want, my family much like many others can't afford fancy houses or apartments and so on. I think it's okay. I like it. To make ur home look nice just make sure you got some nice interior design skills and all. Also yes we get it there's little kids and they're loud, what do you expect from kids? They're just trying to have fun. If you can't tolerate that, then please leave your not needed here. I live in the building farthest from where the pool is located. 11 years and I know atleast half the people who live in this building, but of course families come and go so those friendships never really lasted. They were nice though. My family and I say hi to everyone who walks into the apartment and leaves. You just gotta be friendly and smile sometimes. Not only are we friends with people in the apartment, but the families down in the street the houses are pretty nice too. I remember whenever my family threw birthday parties for me or my little brother or sister, this man named jimmy came over and introduced himself and ever since then he's been a friend to us. He's cool. He was young then when I was like 8. He owns a few motorcycles and works on cars as such, I think that's cool and he is. I believe he has a little son now. Oh yeah I'm unsure as to who works here, but the people at the desk are nice. I think all the staff is nice. I mean they know us we know them idk probably because we lived here for like 11 years. I don't remember if it was Romeo or another staff member but I remember they HATED whenever my siblings and I made ---- tons of water balloons and we would just run around and hit eachother with it. One time idk who but it was one of the staff, picked up all the balloon bits and threw it in front of our door. My dad was annoyed, but as a 14 year old I was like ---- it. Ouuu throwback to when kids use to climb up on this little roof with machines in it. Got yelled for that. Dam. 11 years, there were so much more kids that use to play outside while I was growing up. All the kids in the area were friends and we all played in that play ground and took chalk and drew in the pavement. I miss the good old days. Now a days kids are too engulfed my technology to even step foot outside and interact with anyone. I hate that. I've got a lot of memories and stories, I'll never forget them. I'm happy that I grew up here. If I lived in a house in a neghborhood where no one interacted. That would suck. Um what else can I say? Omg I do remember as a kid always being waken up at 3am because of fire alarms and having to stand outside in the cold. Although that sounds horrible I thought it was fun/funny. I didn't mind it. As a kid of course I hated sleep. But yeah. So that's my input. I'm Asian American and this are is my home. If I attend Assumption, Salve Regina, UMB, or Bay Path college I will definitely miss this place. It's my home. Luckily these colleges and universities aren't that far away so I could come visit. THAT and if I end up attending UML instead I guess I'll be stuck here, but I don't mind. As long as I have somewhere I could sleep, eat and be comfortable. Soooooo. In conclusion. If your looking for something fancy I suggest looking at those apartments by the boulevard. If you just need a home for you and your family, or just for you, then this place ain't so bad. Don't be a stranger so much, introduce yourself to neighbors if they don't wanna interact then let it be. If they do then that's great. Hope my telling my experience helped out. And remember !!!!!!! You get what you get and you don't get upset !!! ALSOO------ It is what it is. :) Ps I promise you, you won't get shot up here. This part of Lowell is near Tewksbury and Belvi (good parts near/in LOWELL) but I mean everyone has their own type of definition for that word "------" This place is decent and I can tolerate it. Done it for 11 years and more.
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Delmont Gardens Trust

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