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Granada Highlands



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Office Staff
GranadaIsAHorriblePlaceToLive • Resident 2006 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/29/2012
When we first moved in and it was run by Equity it was a great place to live, once MPA took over it went downhill really fast. We were finally so fed up with this place that we moved out early and paid rent on two apartments until our lease was up with Granada. We lived there for six years and tried to move out for the past four but they make it almost impossible with their 60 day notice to vacate policy, and the price they charge for a month to month lease is just insane. I understand that 60 days notice is pretty standard for apartment communities but when every year your rent goes up and they do not tell you what the increase is until the last minute, it is very frustrating. Not only that, but they have no consideration for the lease that you signed because in the last two renewal notices we received the deadline they gave us to respond was two weeks before the 60 days notice stated in our lease. The letter said that if we did not respond by that date and we decided to stay, our rent would increase substantially, they do not tell us an amount, and we would be considered month to month. Both times I had to call them and remind them that they cannot just do whatever they wanted and that our signed lease, which has legal standing over any notice they slip under my door, states that we have 60 days. One major issue is the mice; they are all over the place. The problem is made worse by a lot of the people who live there because they have no regard for common areas, leaving their trash and discarded food everywhere, which can sit for weeks until the cleaners decide to actually clean (although I can t blame them, I wouldn t want to clean up after these jerks either). They have no regard for your safety. I called because several lights in the stairwells were out over the winter and it was really dark walking up the dirty stairs. Six weeks and another phone call or two went by and nothing was done until I threatened to call corporate about that and several other issues (the one that she was particularly afraid of when I mentioned how they never ever answer the office phone). Ten minutes later maintenance came by to fix the lights. The gym equipment is a joke; most of it does not work. My husband called several times to let them know that one of the elliptical machines was broken so bad he was afraid someone would get hurt, and of course they did nothing about it. They promised to open a new gym in May 2011, it is still not open. Not one person in that leasing office knows what they are doing and they do not seem to care that they have no clue either! When you call with an issue, if you are lucky enough for someone from the office to answer the phone DURING business hours, the person you speak to will tell you one thing and then when you have to call three and four times because they still haven't fixed the issue after several weeks, each person you talk to will tell you something different or tell you that someone will call you back and they never do. None of them know the policies of the property they work for; I spoke with one of the office managers when moving out and she said it is like "checking out of a hotel" you just have to drop off your keys and do not need to sign anything, she said we could even leave them at the gatehouse. I questioned it because I thought that was a really strange policy but she was adamant about it. Of course when we went to "check out" it took 15 minutes and we had to sign paperwork. I told the woman then what I was previously told and she thought I made it up because that is not their policy! They also need to take classes on the rental laws of Massachusetts; they know nothing about security deposits or the interest you are suppose to receive from them, and again have no regard for what is in the lease. If you are reading this and considering Granada Highlands as a place to call home, DON T, you will not be happy. If you are reading this because you are a resident or past resident, I feel your pain and hope you get out soon!
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Granada Highlands

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