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Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
I lived at 82 Summer Street for a couple years and the Palumbos also withheld my key deposits when I moved (please see comments to Be Carefeul posted on 10/3/2008). They are conniving, which was a very disappointing at the end because they seemed quite nice while I was living there. Before they withheld my money, I had 3 complaints which I wrongfully thought were not big deals: 1. They are very slow at making repairs. I had to lie and say that my little nephew was coming over in one week just so they would take care of the chipping paint in my bathroom. 2. THE WASHING MACHING ON THE FIRST FLOOR DOES NOT HAVE A HOT WATER CONNECTION; ONLY COLD WATER. If you do not believe me, check the back of the washing machine for yourself; one pipe feeds both the cold and hot water connections. 3. The back door of 82 Summer Street has a very weak lock and when you shake the handle, THE DOOR UNLOCKS EASILY. This is very UNSAFE and I assume they are waiting for something horrible to happen to one of their tenants before they fix it. Yes, they did not raise my rent for 2 years, but apparently, they make the money back by keeping deposits. I know this sounds low to mention, but I was shocked that Rosemarie rambled one day to me that she is in therapy and she did not know what to do about her daughter and one of her sons, who she described as severely materialistic and unappreciative. Her son, a college student, was whining about wanting designer shoes and her daughter had a friend s father from college that showed her the good life. Of course the kids are materialistic and spoiled; they learned it from their mother! The Palumbos are dishonest. Do not waste your time renting here.
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