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Quarrystone at Overlook Ridge



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/06/2016
Typically I would rate Quarrystone with five stars, but I'm frustrated for a few reasons. We've lived here for three years and for the last two months, have had a couple of packages disappear due to theft. UPS is blamed for leaving the packages in the mail room, but come on neighbors, if it doesn't have your name on it...don't take it! This did not occur until recently, until new management came on board. The office is closed a lot (closed when showing units, closed early during the weekdays, staffed with one person on Saturdays, closed on Sundays), new management hours. I think the delivery trucks can't leave packages with the office like they used to, so are leaving them in the community mail room. My other complaint is THE DOGS are all over the place. Pets generate a lot of money for the new management who welcome all kinds of dogs in many shapes and sizes. They have decided to lease to tenants with dogs and not rent to students. We had lots of (obviously wealthy) students living with us before with no problem. They've eliminated the activity fee - that's because there are NO activities planned except for what Verizon and Comcast cover. Movie night will be grouped with all the units on Overlook Ridge - we'll be joining the better managed Chase Apartments up the hill. The "theater" projector has been broken since last winter. Fix the darn thing! I was thrilled to have a gym in the building until I checked out the Chase gym up the hill - wow. Quarrystone's gym is half the size and the equipment is old. Everything works well enough, but pretty sparce. The floor and mirrors, though are impeccable. I find items littered on the stairs for up to ten days which means no one is walking the halls/stairwells. They've added new lighting in the garage and hallways. The cabanas at the pool look nice, but the one grill is only accessible when the pool is open. We've got covered parking and steel/cement quietness which was THE reason I picked Q. Staff is nice enough, but they aren't as polished as the previous staff. Their emails to us are curt and well, abrupt. Things have to turn around; there's too much competition up the street. I hope to update my review with more positivity soon.
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Quarrystone at Overlook Ridge

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