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10 Overlook Ridge Drive, Malden, MA 02148
10 Overlook Ridge Drive, Malden, MA 02148

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Quarrystone at Overlook Ridge



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Whispersongs • Resident 2018 Recommended
Reviewed 07/05/2018
I've been renting for ten years and lived in five different locations. They've ranged from older buildings to high-end fancy city complexes. Some had very little to offer in amenities and, of course, for the high rent complex, amenities I'd consider useless. Quarrytone at Overlook Ridge hits the sweet spot. The rent is VERY reasonable considering the return on investment. Amenities are top of the line and maintained expertly. I'll let you go to the website to see the offerings but trust they are all you could want. The apartments themselves are actually equal to and, on some points, nicer than the high rent apartments I've occupied. The units were actually built as condominiums so the walls and floors are quieter than the typical apartment buildings. During my stay, I rarely heard from the floor above and never from the units next door. This unit was the quietest I've ever lived in. But the best part of Quarrystone is the management team. I was always amazed how they knew me by name. Can't imagine how many people live in the building yet they knew my unit number and name without hesitation. And always with a positive smile. I never had an issue with my apartment, the building maintenance or tenants so I didn't need to make a formal complaint to the staff to see them in action. But that would tell me they do such a great job managing issues before they are noticed by those of us living there. My life has forced me to once again pack up and move. For the first time, I can honestly say I'm going to miss my apartment. My next residence will have a very difficult time trying to meet the expectations I leave with. If the chance ever allows I won't hesitate to return.
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Quarrystone at Overlook Ridge

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