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Royal Crest Estates Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2005
Here is a SMALL list of what I had to go through:<br><br>When I renewed my lease last year, I was told I don't need to update my automatic rent payment information. Turns out there was a date of termination on that auto-payment order that terminated at the end of the present lease. And I had put that date at the insistence of the Royal Crest Management. So on the first month of my new lease, the auto payment bounced.<br><br>So what did the management do? Instead of sending me a friendly reminder, they sent me a court order to evict!!!<br><br>So when I went over to the office, signed another auto-payment agreement (which, by the way, they bungled FIVE times for different reasons before getting it right). I thought finally I am all set.<br><br>Guess what: the next month I was AGAIN greeted with a court order to evict. This time, it turns out, they had a problem with their electronic accounting system and some people's accounts never got updated. And they KNEW about this issue. So rather than double checking their account book, they served court orders to everybody whose account was not updated.<br><br>For this one I got them to write me an apology letter who I still have and can share with anyone who does not believe how sloppy and arrogant they can be.<br><br>This is only a SMALL tip of the iceberg. The gist is, don't even think about moving in here. If anyone who lives here tells you otherwise, (s)he is doing so only for the $1000 referral bonus they offer.
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Royal Crest Estates Apartments

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