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Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/11/2017
This is the worst apartment complex that anyone could live in. I am not saying this because I've had experiences unique to me; this is the general feeling that most people who live here experience. When I moved in, everything seemed fine from the beginning. Two weeks into my lease, they said they needed complete access to my apartment for the next 3 weeks from 8 am to 4pm to replace my AC unit (even though the current AC unit was working fine). I have a dog, and they told me I had to crate him so they cold do this work. It ended up being 4 weeks of them coming in and out of my apartment, with a gaping hole in my living room and no AC in the summer. They damaged my brand new furniture, which they wouldn't pay for, and to top it all off the brand new AC unit they put in didn't even work. When I told them it didn't work, they didn't believe me. Now it's June, and they finally send out a letter stating that most of their new AC units aren't working so they're giving us a temporary fix. My apartment has been in the 80s and 90s for the past two months now. If something isn't broken, don't try to fix it! Next, good luck trying to get your packages if you order anything. They are constantly being stolen, misplaced, and broken into because the UPS and USPS workers won't come up to your apartment door to deliver. One of our packages was stolen, and another was opened (but they didn't take what was inside probably because it was just a book about history). Most of the time they leave them in the mail room all over the floor and counter tops for anyone to grab. The gate, which NEVER works, has guards that sit in it and are supposed to hold on to your packages for you. Sometimes they actually get your packages, but then good luck trying to get them. Trying to arrange a time to pick up your package is tedious and no one ever answers the phones. Next, maintenance and the leasing office don't know how to communicate with one another. I will put in work orders for simple things (changing a light bulb, fixing a drain that is clogged, repairing a sliding door), and it's almost impossible for them to get it right. It once took 2 WEEKS to change a light bulb because they kept marking the maintenance requests as "complete" when no one had even showed up. I would have to call repeatedly just to get them to come to my apartment! It's easier to just fix things yourself than rely on the maintenance team. Next, they have been doing renovations on the grounds for the past month or so, and will be doing them throughout the summer. Therefore, ALL of the visitor parking is closed. This means that if you want someone to come over you have to obtain a special visitor pass for them to park somewhere else. On top of that, there isn't even enough parking for the actual residents who live in the apartment, let alone for any visitors. I once drove around the entire apartment complex trying to find parking at night time for about a half hour until someone pulled out of their spot. And to top that off, there is one corner of the parking lot that will flood 3 inches of water and cover 5-6 parking spots when it rains because the drain doesn't work properly. Peoples cars end up sitting in a few inches of rain for a day or so. Next, things are always breaking and the buildings are disgusting. At one point, the machine for you to load money on to your laundry card was broken for weeks, so the only way to do laundry was to go to the top floor of another building to add money to your card. There was also a gaping hole in the ceiling of my building on one of the floors, broken mail boxes in the mail room, and one of two elevators was broken for almost 2 months. One elevator was servicing an entire building of hundreds of people for that long. I have also called about 10 times now for people to come fix the washers and dryers on my apartment floor. They don't even have the machines registered in the system, so sometimes a person will come out to fix the machine, can't find where they are (even though you told them repeatedly where the machines were located), and will just go home without calling you to find out where they are. Ridiculous! Next, residents are constantly receiving threatening letters about people parking in the wrong places, leaving trash outside of the trash chute areas, people not picking up after their dogs, etc. My observation is the management is very reactionary instead of proactive: most of the time their letters represent a larger problem with a simple fix. For example, the reason why people park in illegal spots is because there isn't ENOUGH parking. The reason why there is trash in the trash chute area is BECAUSE there is ONE trash receptacle compactor for the entire building that is overflowing and the closest other place to bring your trash is in a completely different building. The reason why you might see dog poop smears on the ground is because you force people with dogs to walk all the way off the property for them to go to the bathroom, which is way too far for some dogs to try to hold it in. I could go on and on. I have so many countless problems with this place. I am so angry that I have to finish out my lease here. To all those looking for a place to move to, this place is not worth the money and stress. Take your money and find another place to live because it might be worth shelling out a couple hundred extra to live in a place where you will be happy, comfortable, and respected.
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Mystic Place

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