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Mystic Place



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sunflower2017 • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/17/2017
It's a bad place to live. To be fair, it's better than some even worse places, but bad enough for me to say what I get is way lower than what I pay. I live in a one-bed apt and pay $1800/mon, which is a OK price for the so called "luxury" apt in this area. However, when I really live here I realized 1. The building is ~50 years old and you won't know how terrible the AC is until you actually move in and use it. It's worse than any existing AC you can imagine. The noise is 2x of a cooking fan, and when AC is on, you won't hear anything from TV or people talking from 5 feet away. Besides, not warm enough in winter and not cooling in summer (this summer, we struggled for 2 weeks without AC before they put a temporary unit. 2. Water too. Often no water, or no hot water and that's mostly coupled with heating problem too. (AC and water are just two examples, you can imaging other old features). 3. I've been here for 16 month and there were few days that I didn't hear construction noise. Almost everyday I'm waken up by those noises. 4. Recently they are doing a huge amount of construction outside to make the area look pretty from outside to attract people, but I wish they would spend the money on improving things like AC that's really useful to residents, not gardens or repainted buildings. A pretty face doesn't make a good person; pretty appearance doesn't make quality apartments. Unfortunately, most people judge things from outside and regret when it's too late. 5. Poor service just like most of the other terrible management teams. I don't need to mention examples. Just don't expect any quick response. You have to be very patient and keep pushing for them to solve the problem. No emergency number to call. During after hour, you can only talk to 24 hr hotline, who only take messages, and you don't get any response from anyone ever. So whenever that happens, good luck, because you are on your own. 5. A lot of senior and section 8 people living here, although they are trying to make the buildings more attractive and rent for higher price. You can always smell mariwana somewhere in the building, although they make it smoke-free place since April. 6. Laundry can't be worse. 1 or 2 out of 8 washer are working correctly. Reported many many times. No change. I know I'm moving out at some point next year, so I don't want to make another move before then, but I wish to leave here as soon as I can. If you are considering this place, you really should think abut it.
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Mystic Place

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