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GFAR • Resident 2017 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/04/2018
Let’s go over the good: The units are reasonable (albeit built to a price), make good use of space, is a short walk to Wellington Station and multiple supermarkets and pharmacies, and is less than 5 minutes from 93 and right off of 28. The staff is very friendly and courteous, and at least expresses the willingness to make things right, and most residents (and their dogs) seem nice. Now let’s go over the rest. —— I originally signed a reservation for an apartment after a tour. However when I inquired about going to sign a lease, I received no response on multiple occasions. Needing to get things taken care of (I was not renewing at my current apartment) I showed up in person to investigate. This is when I was told the unit I reserved (and the garage I also wanted to lease) was no longer available. This is a serious problem when you’ve had to give notice at your current apartment. I was shown the only other available similar unit. It had multiple 4 to 6 foot gashes in the ceiling and obvious signs of previous water damage. There was at least one previous episode of leaks from the unit above. I was told it would be addressed. Having given notice at my current residence (and it already being leased out), I gave the benefit of the doubt and signed a lease despite enormous reservations, but deciding to put my faith that things would be made right. It would be about two months before a garage became available. For two months I had no access to my car as it was parked in another city. The day I moved in, it was noticed there were obvious leaks in the main living area of the apartment. It was immediately brought to management, who scheduled repairs. In the interim, part of my living room remained in my bedroom and in the closet, and I didn’t use that part of the living room. The drywall itself was addressed, but no repairs were made to the roof despite the fact (which I pointed out) that there were obvious signs of long-term leaks in the roof. Six weeks later, there is again signs of water damage. Again this is brought to management. Again I move part of my living room into my bedroom, and have still not unpacked a fair number of my belongings. Again the ceiling drywall was addressed. A roofing repair company was brought out, but they apparently failed to address the core issues (holes in the roof sheathing). Hey, guess what happened? The roof leaked again. At this time temperatures were dropping. I ended up having 10-12 square feet of no ceiling, in which outside air could pass directly into. This remained for about a month until proper repairs were made. This time I made requests to be compensated for the electricity use of large blower fans and humidifier ($7/day in electricity) and was compensated, but I never was compensated for the two previous repairs. Overall I lost the use of my living room for 6 weeks of the year, and although management was apologetic, an apology was all I got. During a period of two months, it was obvious there was someone smoking on the floor. The smell was evident from my bathroom, and sometimes from the main living area I have no issue if someone chooses to smoke, but the property has a strict no smoking policy (and cigarette disposal right outside the entrances). A PSA was sent out by management, but it continued for about two months. Singed wrapping papers (for joints) and burnt matches could be found in the trash room on the floor on multiple occasions and both once pointed it out to maintenance staff, and once brought the evidence to management. For at least 9 months, noise of a neighboring apartment was also a problem. The culprit were two consecutive tenants placed by a commercial relocation service. For one, their children would regularly run and scream in the hallway. This was even witnessed (and commented to management) by the maintenance staff. I won’t blame children for not knowing better, but being awoken on a weekend to a child literally screaming outside your door is an issue. They would slam the doors of an adjacent storage room and their apartment door, about every 3 to 5 minutes, for hours on end. This was loud enough that when on a phone call, the person on the other line could hear it. I was assuaged by management that they would address the problem (and I did witness them directly addressing the tenants on one occasion), but the problem never really was curbed until about 6 or 7 months after I brought the recurring issue to management. I’ve been informed that they no longer work with this company, but again, an apology was all I got. —— My situation seems to be quite exceptional, and I think most people would find the property to be a good value for money and the staff easy to deal with, however I had a terrible year and need to ensure people know that if things go sideways… you’re on your own.
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