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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2006
At first, this place was livable. There were minor inconveniences, such as rodents in the lobby and shoddy construction (lights hung where they shouldn’t have been, poor tiling in the bathroom, holes in wall, etc. - they must have been under the gun to open the place, and it shows). These inconveniences were nothing I couldn’t live with. While it was livable, I would not call it "luxury living."<br><br>But all of a sudden, a few months into the lease, there was a change in management, and all staff (including maintenance) quit and were replaced. Since then, the place went down hill. Unfriendly staff who are trained to say "no" to your every request have no authority whatsoever and cannot make any decisions on their own. They should have kept the friendly staff which went elsewhere.<br><br>The noise is awful, be it from the Orange line which is right on top of the complex, the airport traffic from planes taking off and landing (seriously it is awful – do not rent until you are there when planes are taking off above you, you won’t sign the lease), or the road traffic from Route 16. The air conditioning units are also the loudest thing I have ever heard. Try it out when you look at the apartment. I did not have a good night's sleep while I was there.<br><br>Parking was ample until the new management took away half the spaces in the lot (the ones conveniently located right by the door) and sold them to the condo across the street. This deal is indicative of management’s quest to increase their bottom line to the detriment of their residents.<br><br>Inside the complex feels safe, but if you walk just off the complex, I would bring protection. Venture up the road by Hoff’s bakery, or towards the liquor store at night. Gang activity was noticeable and not safe for children. The walk from the T is also unsafe – poor lighting at night makes you feel insecure. Keep in mind the last Orange line train out of Boston leaves at 8:15. Thus, the location is not good if you plan on working late.<br><br>Bottom line, don’t waste your money. You will overpay, and there are many other better alternatives.
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