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34 Brainard Avenue, Medford, MA 02155
34 Brainard Avenue, Medford, MA 02155

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Reviewed 02/03/2007

I came on this website to review other apt. buildings b/c I'll be moving from here when my lease is up (for financial reasons - it is very expensive and I need more space for less $$.) The reviews of the other places I've been seeing are horrible so I figured I'd check out reviews for where I live to get some perspective. <br><br>I was really surprised with what I read about the rodents and the management being rude. Oh, and the air conditioner is quiet as can be - so that person must have a broken one. I have never seen a rodent, or bugs for that matter. The management has changed over a few times since I moved in, which was only a little more than a year ago. Everyone has been super nice to me, they know who I am and where I live. They have even brought me my packages a few times! They always call back when I call with a problem. I love the apartment, everything looks new and shiny and I love having a washer/dryer in the unit. The rooms are big, the closets are big, and I love having my own bathroom (2 bed/2 bath). Parking has been a piece a cake, there are tons of parking spaces. Snow removal is great.<br><br>There have been some problems though. Dishwasher just doesn't get it right. Blame has been put on how much detergent we put in but it was working adequately for a year and then started to break down. Microwave broke already too, that was a bummer and I thought they took way too long to fix it - over 2 weeks. Walls are super, super, super thin. I am a very deep sleeper so hasn't been a problem for me but my former roommate was miserable. Blame was kind of placed on her though - never got resolved by management and they kind of treated us like we were pains. We solved it by switching rooms. Paint comes off on the window sills when it rains or when you open a window. Secure doors/system breaks all the time, at least weekly so you either have to go around to the other side and hope for the best or call to someone to let you in. <br><br>Not all tenants are considerate. Many leave the side doors open, despite notices asking for safety reasons to please not do that. <br><br>Pool/fitness center is great. <br><br>Neighborhood is fine. I've walked home from the T after dark and it has been fine - I wouldn't do it alone late at night but I wouldn't do that most places. You can park and pay $3.50. Last T leaves at 12:45am, not 8:15. The walk 5 seconds up the street to the liquor store has been fine though it is true that a few cars in our lot were broken in to. <br><br>We need more recycle bins.<br><br>It is very noisy - planes, trains, police, fire trucks, snow removal trucks - all true, so your best bet is to be a deep sleeper.<br><br>Overall though, I've been happy here. It's affordable to share a 2 BR but now I want my own 2 BR and there is no way I can do it.
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