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34 Brainard Avenue, Medford, MA 02155
34 Brainard Avenue, Medford, MA 02155

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simba231 • Resident 2005 - 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2008
I have lived in Wellington Place since the middle building opened in 2005. We were the first to move into our apartment and are still there. Since everything was new when we moved in, we haven't had one thing break or really need fixed. They come in atlest twice a year to do updates and make sure everything works property. I do see the maintenance guys on a regular basis doing hallway repairs, trash and cleaning. Every once in a while the trash (recycle/trash room) may smell in hallway but not for long, they usually take care of it within a day. (not sure about the other two buildings but i can say this about the middle building) I have read a lot of complaints about noise and i would say when moving in to the complex pick your apartment wisely. Live in the side away from the train and don't move into the building closest Rt 16. when picking an apt don't live near the recyle or trash room. There are enough apts in the complex open you should have choices. I occasionally hear a guy upstairs from me that is loud when he walks but the previous tentant i never heard. Just depends on the tenant at the time. I also have had parties and no one has complained and my neighbors have had parties and i never hear them except when walking in the wallway to go to my apt. So all in all noise isn't a problem for me because i was picky on which apt i went into. Plowing and lawn maintenance is great. They do a great job and always looks nice. They do start somewhat early in the AM so you may hear the lawn mower or plow sometimes but hey, better to get it done early then wait until the last minute or not do it at all! Pool is nice, along with the gym too. The door bell system had problems but it seems they have gotten it fixed and its been good this past year. Negatives about the apt are, the window's are not that insulated that i can tell so in the winter i can feel cold drafts more often than i have in previous apts. Also the management office has had a lot of turn over. when i first moved in, great management, then they brought in a new management group in 2006 which weren't so nice, well one guy seemed rude and the other guy was just a push over and acted like a complete idiot. But in mid 2007 they had more turn over and a new set of management came in and they seems nice and helpful. Also with all light carpeting in the apt's its hard to keep a no stain carpet. Cats are allowed which is nice. I think i paid $300 one time fee and never paid anything else. Since i am in my 3rd year there i have gotten my moneys worth in that dept! Plenty of parking, although they did give a lot of the spots the the condo's beside us which was a pain at first, but there still is plenty of parking, just have to park a few more feet away from the door.
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