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FuckWellington • Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/19/2008
These apartments are allright. Its the staff that really is shocking. After they violated my privacy and state laws and entered my apartment for a non-emergency repair, I asked the toilet-unclogging -------, ----- to come back later when I was not home. He lacks communication skills and escalated this to an argument, which resulted in him shoving me and the cops being called. ------------, the manager has done NOTHING but have their legal team draft -------- threats. She has been useless from the beginning and has fought me over the simplest of issues. She is an uptight ----- and I cannot wait to not have to deal with her busted --- anymore. The new resident manager is pointless. I have no idea what she does other than fake smile as she lies to your face. I have filed a complaint in court, but somehow did not receive notice in the mail. Hmmmm.....Couldn't be because they have access to the mail room, could it? I know that sounds paranoid, but I would not put it past them, as they are refusing to take ANY liability and my not showing up benefits them greatly. Other than that....The buildings are substandard. The cheapest materials are used through out the units and the walls are PAPER THIN. You can hear virtually everything going on next door. Medford is a boring town and the walk to the T is treacherous in the winter, as the stairs are rarely shoveled.
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