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Talbot Woods



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/13/2008
When I first read the reviews of this place, I thought what everyone else thinks - only people with bad things to say end up writing reviews. I thought this because I read the reviews, but moved in anyway, & I lived here for a few months with no problems whatsoever. I had noticed that there are a few sketchy neighbors, but they hadn't bothered me personally at all so I wasn't worried about it. My toilet backed up once, and it took maintenance a few hours to get around to it, but then it never happened again so I let it go. Then one morning I went out to my car and my back windshield was smashed out, along with someone else's too (his insurance didn't even cover glass, poor guy). Then, whoever did it (they still haven't found the person) tried to pin the crime on ME, when I WAS the victim in the first place. And not only that, but they started leaving me harassing letters on my doorstep. I called the office to complain, they said they can't do anything. I called the police, and they won't do anything about it either. I no longer feel safe living here, and we are planning on saving up and spending the extra $2,100 relet charge (on top of all the rent while we're still here) to terminate our lease early and get OUT ASAP. This apartment complex has put me through HELL and back. It is absolutely NOT worth the $1050 I've been paying for the rent!!! Before you make arrangements to move-in.. PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!!!!
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Talbot Woods

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