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Natick Village Condominium



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Recommended
Reviewed 05/24/2010
I purchased a 2nd floor condo in the spring of 2009 with the intent to renovate and rent as an investment property. I would never buy a property that I wouldn't live in myself, and Natick Village is no exception. The location can't be beat (walk to West Natick train station and set back from the main road), the grounds are well-kept, there is an in-ground pool, tennis courts, jogging paths, 2-car parking, and a gym/aerobics/yoga on-site. I walked around the property a few times before buying--asking the residents how long they lived there and if they liked it, and everyone had lived there over 2 years and replied 'yes'. I spent 3 months (day and night) renovating (those original kitchen cabinets had to go!), often working from 8am until midnight, and it was SO quiet at ALL times, that you could hear a pin drop (I felt guilty for running my drill or saw!). In fact, the condo assoc. requires that units be carpeted (except kitchens) to reduce footstep noise. Yes, you can occasionally hear someone speaking in the next unit if you are close to a shared wall, but this didn't happen often, and it's part of community living. I frequently saw staff vacuuming or washing glass doors, and the interior was just painted (spring 2010). In winter, the parking lots are plowed and walkways shoveled cleanly. During the past year there has been no leaking in the building whatsoever--despite record-breaking rainfall. Recently I noticed mulch lying all over the sidewalk in front of the building (a dog dug into it)--and as I was leaving (30 min later) a staff person (with a vacuum on his back) was sweeping it back under the shrubs! At night I routinely saw the white security car driving around (good)--but when I tried to flag one down for an interview before buying, he did not stop (bad). Perhaps he didn't see me, as it was dark. As far as the management staff, I can only comment positively. Mary and the maintanance staff (Fred) have been very responsive to my requests to temporarily turn off the water in the building (plumbing repair), etc. but she insists that residents have ample notice. Mary kindly waived a late fee when I failed to pay my condo fee on time, due to a car accident. Wow, with 800 units to manage, she went out of her way for me. I rented the unit to a professional couple who recenty told me that they would like to stay for another year. I think this speaks volumes.
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Natick Village Condominium

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