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Natick Village Condominium



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chhih2o • Resident 2012 - 2016 Recommended
Reviewed 07/13/2016
Came across this site and saw the negatives- felt I had to balance things out! Been here 4 years now in two different units. First unit was a condo being rented by owner- I think this is where bad experiences come from. While my landlord was pretty decent a plumbing issue came up and my wife and I chose to leave. We love the location so we found another unit owned/maintained by Natick Village (offices at 17 Vlg Way). This has been great for past 3 years. Everything works, 2 minor repairs needed (stove, sink faucet) and friendly staff took care of issue right away. Now if a hallway light goes out you call the condo assoc office at 18 Vlg Way. An interior hallway light died, I call to notify, weeks later the light bulb is finally changed. Other dealings with them is for parking tag, 'health club' pass, etc... can't say experience was awesome or terrible. The place is being cared for- since I've been here: all new roof's on all buildings new pre-formed concrete stairs replaced on all buildings new fencing being installed on all ground level patio's new carpeting in common areas the crew does their best cleaning up after snow storms, not an easy task when dealing with over 1000 cars in multiple parking lots. My wife and I are quite happy with Natick Village. It is what it is, it's multi-family housing! Do you hear noises from neighbors, yes! If you can't take it, go elsewhere. I can hear when my neighbor vacuums, I deal with it. I can hear train whistles, I like it, others may hate it. The location is fantastic, place is well maintained and common areas look great, no crime that I have seen though one or two reports of things taken from unlocked cars. They accept pets, many dogs here, great for dog lovers. Would I buy a condo here? No, not much dealing with them but they sound like rule-----'s. Absentee neighbor has notice that patio bricks are 'wrong size'! Been there for years, but with patio fence being (nicely) updated the ----'s come out. Other resident told me his patio blocks were wrong color (and 'allowed' color seems to change whenever). And it seems tough for owner-occupied folks living with many renters who don't know, or care, about condo rules/regs. Just my 2 cents!
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Natick Village Condominium

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