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Natick Village Condominium



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/27/2012
Overall this is a good dorm-alternative for local students, or for young professionals just starting out who need bare-bones housing in a good commuting location. We experienced a few minor annoyances but didn't really have high expectations based on the price we were initially paid. (more detail below) The Price (at the time): The apartment we rented is really outdated, the cabinetry is in good working order, but just looks old. The dishwasher, fridge and stove were also dirty looking, but work ok. We gave everything a good scrub down before using anything when we moved in. However the rent has drastically increased since we moved in, so this is no longer a good deal and the shortcomings can no longer be overlooked when other communities, or even other units in this same complex have undergone complete renovations and still ask the same price for rent. The Noise: The walls are paper thin. We could hear the people below us and next to us all the time. The person below us loved to blast music so loud that our floor would vibrate. That may seem like an extreme case, but we could also hear every time a neighbor opened or closed doors and cabinets. In the mornings I could hear my neighbors in their shower and at night I could hear them making dinner. When another neighbor brought home their newborn we could also hear every time it cried and could even hear the parents singing to it! As sweet as that is for the parent/baby bonding time...I don t want to hear it at 2am! The bedroom walls backed up to each other so we could hear everything from the coughing fits during flu season to the other stuff that goes on in a bedroom if you know what I mean...Definitely not Condo quality construction . Parking Lots: We never had an issue finding parking for ourselves or our guests. Although we were courteous of our neighbors and never had more than 2 guest cars here at a time, and never overnight. There were a few uncourteous residents in our lot area who would take up 2 spots with one car though for no apparent reason, but because of the ample parking it wasn't really an issue. However, if it snows you better just call in sick to work because it will take hours, maybe even all day, to actually plow out the lots. And when they do finally come by with the plow they will leave a giant wall of snow behind your car for you to knock down and shovel through. Also, some residents drive through the parking lots at unsafe high rates of speed. Laundry: There are laundry buildings located throughout the community. They are operated by a card, not coins, but the card can only be re-filled at the location nearest the office. We never had issues with not being able to use a machine, or theft or anything like that. But bottom line is that it completely sucks to have to lug laundry outside to another building in the rain or snow. Safety Concerns: One bad resident can ruin it for an entire building. One of our neighbors smoked so much pot that the entire building would frequently smell for days at a time. This same neighbor would have guests coming and going at all hours. They would usually only stay 10 - 20 minutes so its not to hard to figure out what was going on. They would prop open the exterior doors to enter without a key making the building not that secure.
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Natick Village Condominium

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