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Hampton Court Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/16/2010
I moved in here on short notice and was the only place in the downtown Northampton area that wasn't a ridiculous price. However, for the price, it could be better. The apartment was advertised as "newly redone". Upon moving in, I had to put in 2 maintenance requests that were slow to be done. Additionally, when the first maintenance work was performed I was not informed of when the maintenance guy was performing the work. He proved to make me uncomfortable as he recognized me from the pictures in my apartment, which would not be easily seen while he was doing the work (unless he went looking). Luckily, he has since been fired. While other tenants complained about the misleading advertisement regarding air conditioning, I find that it was more of an inconvenience. I do wonder why it is that the information regarding air conditioning was not very forthcoming. I also wonder why the management office seems to claim it is not possible for the HVAC system to work with both heat and air conditioning when clearly the management office had air conditioning before the apartments did. The woman in the management office holds the MOST inconvenient hours. As a working professional, I often leave at 6 or 6:30 am and do not get home until 4:30 or 5:00 pm. Her hours are from 9-3:30 and closed on Fridays. Since things like cable and internet appointments must be made during the times she is available, there is no way that I am able to schedule around this as I commute close to 25 miles to my job. When this has been expressed to her, she seems unwilling to compromise. There also seems to be a lingering smell reminiscent of spoiled milk in the back and entry hallways. That's just plain odd. Overall, it is not a terrible place to live, especially considering the time I had to find the apartment. It reminds me of University owned apartments. I'm certainly thankful for the free off street parking. However, for the hassle that it is to live there, I would seriously try and consider alternatives. I'm anticipating that I will be moving once my lease is up.
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Hampton Court Apartments

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