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Hampton Gardens



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Grad2005 • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/12/2005
I've lived here since June 05 and can't think of a single complaint. I work in Hartford and need to be closer to the city, otherwise I would gladly stay right here. When my boyfriend and I were applying I had a black mark on my credit b/c of a problem with a credit card company I didn't quite get along with, and the leasing agent was extremely helpful in getting us approved regardless of that. We've been a week late paying rent a couple times (I work during the week and tend to forget to leave the check, and I forget that the office is open on Saturdays) and never gotten more than a "Did you forget?" notice stuck on the door.<br><br>Occasionally, things will be a little noisy, but not much - usually it's kids (early teens) talking outside during the day, which isn't bad. My boyfriend had a slight problem with one of our neighbors, but she was just a grouchy old lady and not representative of the rest of the people who live here.<br><br>When we moved in, the apartment was clean, damaged carpet had been replaced, the tile (ceramic!!) was in great condition, as were the appliances. The grounds are kept very neat, though they do have a propensity to mow the lawn a bit early for our tastes. <br><br>We've never had a problem with parking, other than the occasional idiot who will take up two spaces. Most I've ever had was about a minute-and-a-half walk, parking space to apartment. Parking lots are lit fairly well. I've kept CDs and such things in my car in plain sight and never had the car touched, and my boyfriend has had no problems.<br><br>I read one of the other reviews and wanted to address a few points. Yes, the kids will occasionally run out without looking - they're kids. It happens. I've kept my downstairs blinds open and never had anyone look in. I haven't spent any time at the playground in the complex, because I go to the one across the street (though I would not go there at night. Very sketchy place.) I might have seen the occasional bottle on the ground in the complex, but nothing drug related.<br><br>We've never had problems with any of the appliances/fixtures in the apartment. Never had run-ins with maintenance or nosy neighbors, and when we moved in it was past 9pm (all moving is supposed to be done prior to 9 so as not to disturb residences) and never got a single complaint from anyone. <br><br>I pay $1,020 total - and that's $965 base rent, $25/month for our cat, and $30/month to have a (albeit small) washer and dryer in the apartment. Our living room is quite large, our dining room is the largest I've seen in any apartment I've looked at. Our kitchen allows two people to move comfortably. The spare bedroom is a bit small, though we do have a lot of stuff in it, and our bedroom is larger than my college dorm room was (and that was two people, w/ two beds, two dressers, two desks, etc). The only thing I wish for is more closet space, though what we have is fairly sufficient.<br><br>The closet doors are actually real doors, not those folding metal things. The kitchen and dining room are floored with ceramic tile (really slippery in humidity, though I love it). The rest of the apartment is berber carpeting, which I will sorely miss when I move.<br><br>One thing to beware: The one-bedrooms are lousy. We looked at one of those, and the cabinet for the sink was shoddy, the dining area virtually non-existant (5' x 5' ???), etc. But the two-bedrooms are wonderful. <br><br>They let us choose which apartment we wanted, as they had several two-bedrooms open. Some had good yards, some didn't. Ours has a brick patio out back with a bench. Nice for grilling. And our front windows look out on trees.
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Hampton Gardens

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