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One Avalon Way, Plymouth, MA 02360
One Avalon Way, Plymouth, MA 02360

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Avalon at the Pinehills



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Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/24/2012
We sold our home and needed a residence for a few years so we decided to rent. We had owned a home in the Pinehills in Plymouth previously and really enjoyed the community and it's dedication to quality and lifestyle. We rented a unit on the top floor and one with neighbors connected on only one side in an effort to reduce the potential of hearing our neighbors. Unfortunately, one thing we didn't anticipate was that neighbors smoked tobacco and it was coming into our apartment from across the hall. We couldn't even enjoy our balcony or have the windows open because another neighbor smoked beneath us and it was wafting in. After 4 days, we contacted management to try and resolve the issue of where the smoke was coming into our apartment from the hall. It was not habitable the smoke was so bad. It seemed to be worse with the A/C on. So we coudln't have the A/C on and we couldn't open our windows. It was over 85 degrees in our apartment. We couldn't sleep at night from the heat and I have asthma and that is one of my triggers and I was having asthma attacks. My husband is a commercial airline pilot and HAS to have quality sleep/rest. We told them our apartment was not habitable and were hoping someone could take a look at it rather soon. They weren't able to send anyone out on Sat., Sun, or Monday. On Tuesday they said someone tried to get into our apartment and "no one was home"....which wasn't true because we were there as our internet was being installed. Besides, we had already given them permission to come and take a look at the problem so we didn't need to be there. We got the impression that this wasn't a priority issue or questioned whether or not it could/would be fixed. We then turned in our notice to leave. Luckily they have a 30-day opt-out guarantee. Afterwards, they said they identified that a weather strip was missing on a door and smoke was then coming into the hall and into our apartment and they were going to change the filter in the AC unit to some carbon filter. It was really too little, too late. Had management/maintenance been quicker, we may have realized that the problem could be rectified and we wouldn't have looked for different housing. We had to do a complete move once again within a few weeks when we could get the movers back out there again. We only stayed there for 5 nights. This wasn't a minor issue, this was a major issue since it wasn't habitable. We realize not a lot can be done about someone smoking on their balcony if a community isn't smoke free, but there is an implied warranty of habitability in every lease. We thought it should be "smoke free" at least INSIDE the apartment. we've haven't lived in an apartment since our youth so this was a LEARNING experience, an expensive learning experience for us. In all fairness to management, did try to "fix" the problem and retain us as renters, however, with the tardiness in addressing the problem, we had to find something else. The staff were very helpful prior to all this happening. They are knowledgeable about their product, were flexible with our home closing/possession date, pleasant. After we turned in our notice, not so much. They stood us up for the final walk-thru. We were supposed to be present for the walk-thru inspection, we were there, they were not. We were supposed to get a copy of the inspection and did not. We requested it 3x because until we got our deposit returned around 30-45 days later, we had no idea if they were going to claim anything or not. They found nothing wrong and didn't keep any of the security deposit. We left it spotless. We were still liable for another 30 days of rent from the time the notice was turned in and the expense and inconvenience of another move. It's a shame the community isn't smoke free with the configuration of the decks and close proximity of the units. It has so much going for it. Clean property, great neighborhood at the Pinehills, good location, newer, some units facing the golf course. If management had responded sooner we may have been able to work something out and avoid moving again.
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Avalon at the Pinehills

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