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Highpoint Apartments

12 Highpoint Circle

Quincy, MA 02169



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/24/2005
Aesthetically speaking, the apartment itself is nice and clean. It was very appealing when we first viewed it. Given the gym, billiards room and the in-unit washer/dryer we were drawn to this community. Beware, though, that there are many hidden problems just waiting to be discovered once you move in. Here are the details of what we have encountered after just 6 months of living at Highpoint:<br><br>1. Cell Phone Reception - Believe it when you read that there is NO cell phone reception. There isn't. And let me be clear, "no cell phone reception" doesn't mean "some cell phone reception" it means none, nada, zip. Plan on getting a LAN line or taking a walk to the downstairs lobby every single time you want to talk on your cell if you don't. On the up side, I guess its a great way to get to know your neighbors as you'll often find groups of people in the downstairs lobby or outside talking on their phones. <br><br>2. Cable - Cable isn't reliable and it's always on the fritz. My fiance' spoke with the Comcast technician onsite and was told that Roseland was more concerned with getting the property up than ensuring that quality work was done with the cable system. <br><br>3. Noise - Noise is a HUGE problem. If your neighbor watches late night TV you may as well turn on the TV and watch it too. You're going to hear it either way. We helped alleviate the problem by buying a fan which we have going all night long in the bedroom. You shouldn't have to do this though. I'm just thankful we don't have neighbors with kids (which you won't know until you move in).<br><br>4. Theft - Theft is another HUGE issue. Auto theft and vandalism and now the home thefts by internal maintenance employees is, indeed, a problem for everyone! And don't bother asking management if they care. Their response is to post flyers with the specific times that the Quincy police will be making rounds in the parking lot. Great way to let the thieves know when NOT to come. <br><br>5. Apartment Appliances - They're touted as "designer appliances". I guess they meant "designer" in the same way you can purchase "designer" handbags at the flea market. They should call them what they are - cheap. For the rent they charge you'd expect a little more than a refrigerator that's basically on wheels. It shifts all over the floor every time you open and close the door. The dishwasher is extremely small. And the sink doesn't even have a sprayer, just a faucet. Also, they're sure to point out the new carpeting when they're showing you the property but try to vacuum and you'll quickly discover they should have called it "new, cheap carpeting". <br><br>6. Gas - Watch out for the gas bill. We received a bill for over $300 for a month when we were home only 6 days out of the month. That was June - when we didn't even have the heat turned on! <br><br>7. Response Time - Good luck if you get locked out. I was locked out of my apartment a while back. A neighbor was nice enough to let me use his phone to contact maintenance to let me in. They said they were on site and would be right over. Two and a half hours later they finally arrived to let me in. Management was, however, prompt in delivering a $50 invoice to me for the service the following day.<br><br>8. Lease - GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING. When we signed our lease we were promised by Maria (verbally of course) that the increase in rent come renewal time wouldn't exceed the "cost of living" percentage increase (to quote her, "not more than $50"). After recently calling to confirm this with the office (I spoke with Molly) I was told that this wasn't the case. After being fed a sales pitch by Molly about how we'd still be getting a great deal, I asked to her to stop trying to "sell" to me and to answer my question - would they be honoring what they sold me on at lease time - a $50 increase? In a nutshell, the increase will be about $200. We may as well buy at what they'll be charging us come renewal time.<br><br>9. Management - Don't be fooled by the fancy suits and the free cookies they offer you! Believe it when you read that they're sweet as pie before you sign the lease and rude, useless peons anytime thereafter.<br><br>10. Common Sense - You'd think that if your apartment # is 207 that your mailbox # would be 207 (it's not - it's 68), your parking # would be 207 (it's not, it's 93) and that your intercom # (which guests have to dial to get in) would be 207 (it's not - it's 184). Hope you're good with numbers.<br>
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Highpoint Apartments

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