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2 Hancock Street

Quincy, MA 02171



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Office Staff
Resident 2017 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/22/2018
I've finally seized all business with Neponset Landing so I can write freely without fear of retaliation. This review will consist of insight on the building, the management staff, the residents and the issues that persist after move out. Ultimately, if you'd like a short and brief summary, do not live here unless you like being robbed blindly, being insulted and having a low quality life. Let's begin with the building. At first glance, it looks nice, especially with the renovations. Wrong. Honestly, my movers were sick from the stench on the 9th floor hallway. It was so bad, that the night prior to move out, I bought air fresheners for the hall and that didn't help. The stench is caused from drunk residents who vomit and dogs defecation and urination. I actually called the office three times to report this and nothing was done. Asides from the smell, climate control is another issue. I saw the apartment that I would move into on October 12 2017 from a man named Alan. During the tour, I specially asked if I would be able to control the ac in my unit, year round, as my partner has medical conditions that warrant constant air circulation. He told me "yes, undoubtably". I moved in on 10/20/2017. When I moved in, Alan was nowhere to be found and Candance told me, "oh you must be confused". Try living on the 9th floor in May with no AC and a pitiful excuse for blinds that do nothing but let the sun flow in. You'll suffocate. I spent over 350 dollars on fans and we still suffered. Over the summer, the "chiller" went out multiple times during heatwaves (aka neponset is too cheap to upgrade the system and the chiller just can't keep up with New England heatwaves). Finally, I'm going to address safety. When we toured Neponset, my Partner asked about safety. Alan responded with "we don't use the S word". This was our first time venturing out on our own, so we thought this was standard industry practice not to discuss the safety as it's a liability. WRONG. They don't use the "s word" because it's not safe. Do you know how many times cars were broken into? Or how many times people tried to open my door? So many times that I installed a second lock out of fear. When I would leave for work at 5am (before the sun was out) I'd run through P2 to get safely into my car. Now let's switch to the management staff. These people lack empathy and basic communication skills. They never responded to any issues. Often times, they would outright laugh in your face. One time, I complained so much about the AC, they came up to assess it. They opened the door and said "you're delusional the ACs on." Despite the fact that my digital thermometer (photo attached) clearly illustrated a temp in the 80s and that my guest and I were sweating and I was crying. Asides from that, when I put in my notice to move out, I gave them 66 days. The following month, I received my rent notification and they tacked on fees for insufficient notice and violation of lease, even though I intended to maintain the apartment through end of my lease. When you try to communicate with them, they outright laugh. Steven in the Offfice literally smiles in your face when you're sobbing. Candance is as rude as they make them and won't even address you. The maintenance staff comes into your apartment and makes fun of you. (one time I complained about the AC and Eric came up and demanded the I stand in front of the AC and laughed at me). The concierge often "loses" packages. I can't tell you how many times my mail was marked delivered but nowhere to be found. I could go on, specifically about the Steven and Candace tandem but I'll stop. Now, let me tell you about the residents. They don't respect each other. Animals destroy the property. Cars are broken into. There's a constant smell of weed and cigarettes. On the weekend, you can bet your bottom dollar you'll find vomit somewhere. Lastly, the move out process is horrendous. As mentioned, I moved out on 10/20 but I paid until the end of my lease, which was 11/14. From 11/14 to 12/21, I called 36 times to find out when I would get my security deposit back. On 11/30, The property manager told me it had been mailed out. I never received it. I've ordered dozens of packages and had dozens of cards and bills sent to me and I received them all (even the ones that got delayed in transit) so I find it hard to believe that USPS or any courier lost it. Each time I called her, they told me she'd call back within the hour and she wouldn't. On 12/7, she finally said I'll have a new check issued, and have them send it priority, call me tomorrow to remind me. I called her every day until 12/16. She then said "i can see it's been cut but I can't see if it's been sent, I'll get you a tracking # by the end of the day". 12/17 came and nothing, 12/18 came and nothing against 12/19 and NOTHING. Finally I called the corporate office in Texas where a nice woman named Whitney said she would get my concerns to the regional manager Gabrielle Lamberti. Magically on 12/21 a check arrived in an extremely urgent envelope from fedex. The check was dated 12/20 so The property manager aka Neponset lied again when they said it had been cut on 12/16. Ultimately, my year in Neponset was the most detrimental. I've been out of there for two months, and within this time I've found peace and happiness, in a building literally 3 miles away. Don't live here. Spare yourself the fear, the money, the insults.
Neponset Landing Apartments Manager01/06/2019

Hi Anonymous, we can assure you that we do not find this type of behavior acceptable, and we would like to address the situation you have described. We would like to work towards a resolution, so if you are willing, please reach out to us at (617) 847-6900 to discuss this further.

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