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2 Hancock Street

Quincy, MA 02171



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Office Staff
Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/06/2019
Prospective tenants beware: Neponset Landing falls far short of living up to its promise of "luxury" or "waterfront living" more like a swamp at best. I was reluctant to move to a city like Quincy, which is not as "up and coming" as some make it out to be, but I justified my move because of its proximity to the Boston and the ocean (swamp) allure of certain amenities and comforts. The apartment is spacious enough, and I like the fact that I have a washer and dryer in my unit, but my list of positives pretty much stops there. The reality is that the walls are paper thin, the windows are cheap and drafty, and the unit feels cheaply constructed. I've been woken up countless times by extremely college kids (which are everywhere) way down the hall, and I've had to endure a most unpleasant domestic violence situation a few doors down (insanely loud screaming and shouting) that has been going on for several months. When I first complained to the property manager Jackie, she all but assured me that this couple would be out within a couple of weeks. Since then I have complained several times to the office with no response and called the police three times. There is also a loud family further down the other end of my hall who always cooks absolutely rancid smelling food, sometimes with their door open and I have to hold my breath when I walk down my own hallway. This same family spilled a giant pot of something that looked like chili and the huge stain outside their door remained untouched for about 2 weeks. They also had a raging party one Sunday evening that lasted until after 4 AM. A month later they had anther loud party with 30 plus guests that I had to call the cops on at 2 AM. And I was threatened by the man who lives there and by several guests. Unbelievable. When I contacted the manager Jackie again she put me into voicemail multiple times about all of this, I got some fake reassurance and company line BS from her when I went to her office. Aside from these more egregious incidents, the hallways smell musty, unclean, and like gross cooking that goes way beyond the normal cooking smells one would expect in an apartment building. It seems they rarely if ever vacuum or even do a walk through of the hallways near my apartment. Furthermore, the mail was not getting delivered properly or delivered at all, when they had a concierge a temp take over. I was expecting an important package containing a new laptop and it disappeared overnight. I went to the manager and was told that the concierge is another company and to take it up with them. If you own a car beware that it's not safe and there have been multiple cars broken into or vandalized. My neighbor and close friends car was destroyed. The management will tell you they have cameras. The cameras do not work so they are basically scare tactics. I would strongly recommend that you look elsewhere. The area around Neponset Landing feels kind of sketchy. I don't feel comfortable walking around at night, and there's nowhere appealing to even walk to during the day. The stores and restaurants in the cheap strip malls next up the street are mostly lackluster and the Dunkin Donuts and Chinese restaurant down the street are gross and also sketchy. The walkways along the complex are strewn with litter and let's not forget the loud trains. The trains run behind the building every 8 minutes at least and shake the building and keep me and my husband up at night. All in all, it's definitely not worth the inflated rents they charge and it's anything but a peaceful, luxurious place to live.
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Neponset Landing Apartments Manager09/19/2019

We regret to hear that you had this experience with us. If we can turn any of it around, we would love the opportunity to do so. Please contact us, and we will try our very best to help in any way. Again, we are sorry this has been your experience with us.

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