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dbdonnabear8 • Resident 2015 - 2016 Recommended
Reviewed 01/12/2016
We moved from PA to MA, and did 2 weekend trips in which we visited over 30 apartment complexes. We decided on Rosecliff Apartments because of the location, the price, and the amenities. We have been here since July 2015, and we love it. We are here in the area for two years, and are very happy with this decision. If you would like my excel cheat sheet, let me know! Keep in mind my rent cost includes pet, and garage parking. Location: The location of the apt complex is super close to South Shore Plaza (huge mall), Target, a bunch of restaurants, & really anything you need. The Blue Hills Reserve is close & it's a wonderful place to take the family for hiking, the playground, & during summer they even have a lake in which you can swim. We are very close to the highway for hubby to drive to work at the Brigham. With minimal to no traffic, it takes him about 30 min. On a terrible day it will take about an hour. Apartment: We live on a top floor, & got a good price by monitoring the price fluctuations on the Rosecliff website. We do have a cat, which is an additional fee (which we knew about). The square footage of all apartment complexes in the price range we were looking were all similar (900-1100 ft), and I believe the apartment we are in is around 1000. Our apartment is a 2 bed, 1 bath. The walk in closet for the main bedroom is very big. The bathroom is pretty big, with a large tub and energy efficient toilet. The apt meets our needs, even though the kitchen is a bit small. This is the deal for any apt though, you lose space somewhere. In unit washer/dryer is the best. Complex: The main bldg has an outdoor pool, open during the summer, and has a lifeguard on duty. The lifeguard for 2015 summer, Nik, was from Bulgaria and was very nice. There are also two community rooms: one has a pool table, a foosball table, and a television; and the other has a television and a bunch of seats. We go down there with the kiddos to take a break from being in the house. In one of the other bldgs is a fitness center and an indoor pool. We have not utilized those as much as we should. Most packages get delivered to the office, and they send you an e-mail or a text. The office staff consists of usually Liz or Kristin, who are very nice. Our bldg has two elevators and we have never waited long. Maintenance: Any issues we have had with the apartment were reported, and handled very quickly. You can call, the office staff can submit it, or you can submit online. The maintenance guy, Cory, is very nice and quick. Bonuses: There is an online portal to pay your rent, which I find very useful. They also e-mail me reminders that the rent is due. The garbage disposal is useful, especially when you have infants and toddlers with stinky special packages. The premise recycles. Plenty of parking, we have never had an issue. There is indoor parking (for additional $) if you want it. There is a bus route nearby, even though we haven't used it. We have not had any issues with hearing our neighbors. In fact, when the doors are closed there are great sound barriers in the apt, and we need that with a screaming infant. We needed monitors for each room, due to this. Full size in unit washer and dryer are my savior, and was my major requirement for apartment. Issues: Every place is going to have issues. Our apartment on the top floor has some strange divots under the carpet, like the floor isn't straight. Although the premise recycles, it's not as easy as the garbage disposal. You have to carry everything down to the ground floor and place it a recycling dumpster. We are close to the elevator, so it's not as far for us. However, I think it would be further for other people. The carpet is kind of cheap and seems to pick up anything and everything. Even with kids, I am a very serious cleaner and I can't keep this carpet clean for the life of me. In addition, with normal wear and tear, the carpet seems to be flattened. The windows are rather low, which if you have kids is slightly concerning. We had to install our own metal safety bars because the toddler loves to watch cars out of the window. When we moved in we were informed the ceiling was 14 ft tall being on the top floor, because we had 2 tall shelves. However, it turns out that the whole ceiling is not elevated, just the middle part of the room. Therefore, the shelving didn't actually fit. This apartment complex does not include anything (water, electricity, gas, sewer), so these are all additional costs. Some locations include these, however we were able to get our rent cheaper to be equivalent.
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Rosecliff Apartments

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