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Alex_G893 • Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/30/2017
We move in in February and it's October and we are already moving out. There are multiple things management won't even try to fix regardless of multiple complains by multiple people. When they give you the tour they sell to you a non-smoking community, just to find out this is never enforced by any member of the office. You have to go knocking door to door asking people to stop smoking, although they'll keep doing it. I'm talking about both cigarets and weed. Weed deals happen in the parking lot at any time of the day or night, there is no control of who comes in or out of the community since there are no gates or stickers to identify tenants cars. During the night, we keep seeing people coming in groups leaving 2,3 cars in the parking lot and pick them up later after party. Domestic disturbance it's known on a particular apartment, this happens at midnight and the yelling and screaming goes for hours. The office's response is to call the police, police come, they calm down only to pick up later where they left. Office won't kick out these people but we are the 3rd family to be moving out this month and the only thing the office keeps reminding us it's the 2 month penalty fee due our final day. Paying 2 months rent and rent for a new place to live i can assume it's very hard for the bast majority but that's how done we are with Rosecliff. Lastly don't move here if you want some peace and quiet when you get home, again, during the tour they tell you quiet hours are after 10 but this is not enforced by anybody from the office, their response: call the police. Maybe all of this is not the management fault, maybe it's company policy, but when you pay over 2000 dollars a month for an apartment you expect things to be at least tolerable. Anyway... that's our experience living at Rosecliff in Quincy.
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