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Seaport At Marina Bay



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 03/20/2013
I really liked it during my first year here and think the building is gorgeous but I've had more and more problems with management, including a sudden, unexplained move out fee increase from $50 to **$250** right before I moved despite the fact that approval for this increase appeared nowhere in the recent trustee meeting minutes, frequent difficulties taking signed deliveries due to absences from the front office. Also when the call box malfunctioned one day I was actually blamed for it, had my honesty questioned in front of my extended family and threatened with a $150 fine when the fam visited me one time and couldn't get the front door open, despite repeated attempts to "buzz" them in by cell phone. I was working late that day and couldn't get home for them in time to let them in personally. No one was manning the security desk at the time either, as there is only one guard on duty who periodically has to do checkpoints in other parts of the building. In any case, I was really disappointed by the growing complacence of the building manager, who I honestly think has started to believe that any problem that comes up must be everyone else's fault. I say this because if you are working full time and really rely on front desk services the way I used to at my previous condo, you may come up short here. Another thing--if you commute north, it now takes about 25-30 min to get over the Naponset bridge (post construction) if you depart after 7 am which became a serious consideration for me this year.
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Seaport At Marina Bay

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