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326 Canton Street, Randolph, MA 02368
326 Canton Street, Randolph, MA 02368

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Avalon Blue Hills



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AngieYve • Resident 0 Recommended
Reviewed 08/27/2011
Update: Have since moved out due to relocation. Though I will state that rent increased at the end of our 12 month lease. Not sure how much it went up (sorry, was planning the move out of state so it didn't matter.)This is a standard practice amongst properties like Avalon. They all do it because they know most people would prefer to deal with a slight increase over having to go through the hassle of moving. That was not a factor in the decision to move. I stick with my original rating. Staff remained helpful. Maintenance was always promptly out to the apartment (usually within the same day of the request.) The area was great in my opinion because it was wooded. Great for walking or bike riding. Loved the occasional deer, turkeys, and random woodland animals on site from time to time. Never had an issue with break-ins or having my car keyed. Nor did my roommate. If you are worried about door dings, maybe you should rent a garage. Or park way in the back of the lot. Closest grocery stores are approx. 10-15 mins away (traffic lights.) Corner stores are about 3-4 mins in either direction from Avalon. Closest gas station is about 5-7 mins away (mostly because of traffic lights.)Probably wouldn't be the best place to live if you don't have a vehicle. Someone posted something about not receiving their full deposit and went on about how they got robbed. I can only speak for myself and state that we received our full deposit less the final water bill which was outlined in the lease. No surprises. Our apartment was left in the same condition that it was when we moved into the unit. One caution for roommates, they do send ONE check with BOTH names. That means both need to sign then one deposits the check, even if you paid separately. It can be cleared up but only if you address it before the lease officially ends. it's really only a problem if you move out of state (like I did) or if you hate your roommate (which I did not.) I would absolutely recommend Avalon to others. I love being able to state that my first apartment experience was so positive. It wasn't, but then again nothing is perfect. It was just a perfectly pleasant experience. Original Post: My roommate and I have lived here since the beginning of this year. We chose this property due to its proximity to our jobs, respectively. We have been very satisfied with our overall experience though it has not been perfect. The pros: Lay out/floor plan rocks- the two bedrooms do not share a wall, privacy from one another. The two bedrooms are very similar in size, as are the two bathrooms. This was especially appealing to us because many of the other complexes we visited had one large master bedroom/suite and a guest bedroom that was significantly smaller (designed more for a small family rather than people in a roommate situation.) We love the appliances which include a large fridge, built in microwave, dishwasher, and GAS STOVE! If you've been looking around for a while, you will learn that most complexes will feature electric stoves (they just don't bake the same.) The apartment is cable ready throughout and the living space and bedrooms have outlets on either side of the room (means you don't have to run a wire if you'd like to move your furniture.) We've got a balcony with a private water heater stored just beyond. The outside space isn't huge but fits a small two person table. The kitchen is a wrap around and accommodates the two of us just fine. Tons of cabinet space in the kitchen. Fixtures are new, nothing fancy but due to their ages there haven't been any problems. Maintenance responds within 24 hrs, at least that has been our experience with our last three requests. Before you are alarmed, a light bulb blew out, we had something installed and our AC stopped working one day when the lawn care folks mowed over a wire. Plenty of parking. Office staff are there to answer questions and are friendly. The gym is open until 10pm every night. Pool is open from Memorial day through Labor day (didn't make it down there once so I can't give an opinion about that.) Ample notice in the winter for snow removal, they let us know when we need to move our vehicles so they can treat each parking area. Rent can be paid online and maintenance requests can be done online as well. Washer/Dryer in unit, so convenient. The neutral: Pet rent. It is an evil that makes no sense to me (they don't charge kid rent, and kids do far more damage than cats) but the laws in the state allow it. I have found their pet rent to be comparable to other complexes. Variances in rent... depending on the day, your rate will be different. It's some silly system that all large complexes use to calculate the rent. They guarantee the price for a certain amounts of days of the quote then it can change (it could go up or down.) So in all honesty, I'm paying more than some and less than others. It's all about supply and demand in the end. The cons: The trash and recycling area tends to be really messy by Sunday, the space does not adequately accommodate all of the residents' trash/recycling. There are times where things are left in the general vicinity of the trash shoot because nothing else will fit. On the plus side, there's a lovely fence that prevents this build up from being an eye-sore. Noise is also a factor. The walls are a little on the thin side. We live on the second floor and hear the kids upstairs all day and night long. (This just seems to be a reality of living in a shared space, I'll buy a house when I want more peace and quiet.)We can also hear the neighbors next door. Another plus, people here are generally friendly and will reduce their noise when asked. Sorry it's so long but I like to write a review that will be useful and honest based upon my experience. I'm sure others will have complaints but no place is perfect. I'm also sure that after reading other reviews, people will believe I work for the company or am otherwise invested in the posting of a positive review, not the case. People are quick to write a review when they have had a negative experience but not so much when they have a positive one. My lease will end in the next several months and when it's time to renew or move on, I'll do my best to share that experience. Hope it was helpful.
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Avalon Blue Hills

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