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326 Canton Street, Randolph, MA 02368
326 Canton Street, Randolph, MA 02368

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Avalon Blue Hills



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Prospective Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2012
I do not rent at Avalon Blue Hills and will never rent there. I should have listened to my gut. I went there Saturday to get some info., there was a sign that said be back 3 pm. So I came back at 3pm waited until 3:05, still no one, so I left. Went back at 5, there was someone there who said "I'm booked for the rest of the day but can schedule and appointment for Monday." I told her I can be there for 6 pm. She said "We close at 6:30 so I'll still book you for 6 but if you can get there earlier that would be great, since we are required to close at 6:30." I did by the way inform her, I had already been their twice that day. At any rate, I leave work early so I can get there before 6, got there at 5:30. Of course, there was another appointment at 5:30,so I was asked if I can wait until 6 since thats when my appointment was. So she drives off with the 5:30 appointment and comes back at 6. She goes through her memorized script and says "I can show you a 1 Bed model right here in our clubhouse. That model was so tiny, I cant even believe that is the actual size of a real unit. But according to her it was and that it was SPACIOUS!! Give me a break. I wanted to see the 1 bed loft and guess what she tells me????? "Sorry but WE DON'T SHOW APARTMENTS AFTER DARK WOULD YOU LIKE TO RESCHEDULE!!!" Why was I given an appointment by the first person at 6pm if they don't show apartments after dark??? Why the hell did she tell me to come back at 6pm when she saw me at 5:30 knowing good and well she wasn't going to be able to show me a REAL unit??? Its not news that in New England in February it's DARK AT 6PM! BOTH of them completely wasted my time. And not to mention, it was DARK at 5:30, but it was okay to show that appointment.... I am glad I won't be renting from there. I can tell that place is understaffed and does not care about their reputation and every answer you will get is from a script. So thanks for wasting my time, but I get the last laugh, since little do they know who I really am and that they FAILED MISERABLY!!!
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Avalon Blue Hills

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